Kyle Richards

From "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills," TV personality and actress Kyle Richards discusses recovering from the vicious rumors that spread about her family last season. A child actress since the age of four, life in the spotlight is Kyle's "normal." Listen to her take on raising her own daughters in front of the cameras and her parenting style with husband of nearly 20 years, Mauricio Umansky. Find out why Kyle decided to return to "RHOBH" and how she is, or isn't, meshing with the new cast members. Plus, learn about her struggle with chronic dry eye syndrome. Later, she participates in a game of Two Truths & A Lie with the family members.

"The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" airs on Bravo.

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Cristina Ferrare Crafts DIY Bottle with Ornament Toppers

Cristina turns plain glass bottles she's collected into beautiful mercury glass pieces of art. She cleans out her junk drawer to find costume jewelry, old doorknobs, and more to adorn the bottles with. Then, she glues a large decorative ornament atop the cork.

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Kym Douglas Makes Halloween Finger Foods

Kym Douglas bravely takes the reins in the kitchen today to make creative finger foods for Halloween. She displays tangerines on a platter, meant to look like adorable little pumpkins. Kym also assembles a tiny witch's broom with a pretzel and string cheese. Next, she teaches us to make chocolate covered banana mummies.

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DIY Witch Crash with Ken Wingard

Splat! Ken Wingard recreates Dave Lowe's DIY witch crash project for Halloween. It's made to look like a witch flew full speed into the side of your house.

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Amy Yasbeck

Actress and founder of the John Ritter Foundation for Aortic Health Amy Yasbeck opens up about the 2003 loss of her husband, the late, great John Ritter. Learn about the condition with his aorta that took his life and the role genetics may have played. In his memory, the organization has assembled Team Ritter to run in the NYC Marathon. Josh Dunn and Gwen O'Donnell join us via Skype from their home in Connecticut to discuss Josh's diagnosis with an aortic dissection. Gwen will be pounding the pavement in her first marathon in Josh's honor. Plus, hear all about the celebrities involved in supporting this worthy cause.

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DIY Framed & Personalized Scrabble Board with Matt Rogers

Matt Rogers gives family game night a whole new meaning by turning a Scrabble board into a gift from the heart. Use the tiles to spell names or messages. Triple word score, anyone?

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Chef Sang Yoon Cooks Beef & Broccoli

Restauranteur and chef and owner of "Father's Office" Chef Sang Yoon explains the difference between broccoli and broccolini. In a good processor, he makes a Chinese sweet soy sauce with the consistency of thick molasses to drizzle over a skirt steak cooked medium rare. Sang suggests cutting the meat against the grain and raves about the steak's affordability, flavor, and fast cooking time.

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Ask Mark About Photography

Mark answers viewer's questions about capturing the perfect motion shot of animals, athletes, waterfalls, and more. He teaches a lesson in setting the shutter speed appropriately. To get a crisp picture, Mark suggests keeping your camera stable on a tripod.

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"Haunt & Family" Big Reveal
The "Haunt & Family" front yard is finally complete. In a series of projects from Ken Wingard, Shirley Bovshow, Paige Hemmis, Matt Rogers, and more, the family has brought Dave Lowe's vision to life. Plus, Ken shares key tips to light your display in the dark of night and how to create shadows on your house.

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Adopt a Shelter Dog Month

Best Friends Animal Society is teaming up with Hallmark Channel! This kicks off our "Adopt a Shelter Dog Month." Every day for the month of October we'll be having a furry friend here on set that is up for adoption.

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