How to Create Fake Bangs with Your Own Ponytail

-After putting your hair in high ponytail, you split the ponytail in half and push the front piece forward

-Then clip away back section so that part doesn’t get in the way

-Now with the front section, pull ends up to the desired bang length

-Bobby pin excess hair directly beneath the ponytail

-After pinning it, gather the rest of your hair in a messy, stylish bun!

Using Soda Cans as Hair Curlers

-Get 8-10 cans of soda, drink and then rinse clean!

-Start with fresh, washed hair

-Part it down the middle, clip the sides out of the way

-Start from the top all they way down to the back

-Just hold the cans in place with 2 hair elastics, you can also further secure by bobby

-Once they’re all in, you can let your hair dry- use a blow dryer to speed up the process because the aluminum cans heat up and turn into hot rollers!

Get the Perfect Ponytail Using a Vacuum Cleaner

-Put a hair-tie over the end of the attachment hose of your vacuum.

-Turn the vacuum on and use the attachment hose to suck up the hair until everything you want in the ponytail is in the vacuum end.

-While the vacuum is still on, slip the hair-tie off of the hose and onto the hair.

-Then turn the vacuum off and you have a pony tail!

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