Stefanie Powers Visits

Actress Stefanie Powers visits to talk about her all-new Hallmark Channel Original Movie “Love by the Book,” which premieres on January 24th, 9/8c. Aside from her upcoming movie, Stefanie can also be seen very weekday afternoon on Hallmark’s Movies and Mysteries on ‘Hart to Hart’ at 1 and 2pm. Stefanie also describes her passion for animal preservation. She explains that every dollar she collects for animal preservation goes directly to the William Holden Wildlife Foundation.

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Ross Mathews’ Oscar Predictions

TV Personality Ross Mathews stops by and talks about the upcoming Superbowl, being that he is a huge Seattle Seahawks fan. He is such a big fan that he set Seahawks punter Jon Ryan up with his good friend Sarah Colonna and now they are engaged. Ross gives up his Oscar predictions and even answers Facebook questions!

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Kym’s Crazy Hair Solutions

Beauty Expert Kym Douglas has some crazy hair solutions to try at home.

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Cristina Cooks: Hydrangea Cupcake Bouquets

Cristina shows you a DIY for hydrangea cupcake bouquets. Mark jokes that this is what happens when you let Cristina be in charge of the gardening segments!

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Ken’s Danish Felt Hearts

Lifestyle Expert Ken Wingard shows you how to make DIY felt hearts which make the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day. Cristina jokes that they can even be worn as earrings!

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Lawrence Zarian Talks Fashion

The always-fashionable Lawrence Zarian talks men’s stylish loungewear. Fashions include:

Hooded, footless adult onesies - $149

Stylish Men’s Sweatpants Alternatives: Slim-fit Mesh Pants - $58

Camo long-sleeved t-shirt - $32.99

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Lucy Angel Talks About Their Reality Show

The members of band Lucy Angel talk about their reality show and the difficulties and challenges of breaking into the country music business. Theirs is a journey that has been in the making for 12 years. The trio talk about how taping a reality show was never the plan but that the opportunity came up and it looked like so much fun. Lucy Angel even performs a song for the audience.

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Faux Finishes To Your Home

Lifestyle Design Expert Paige Hemmis gives you some easy tips to add some finishing touches to your home. Cristina points out that faux finishing is an affordable way to really add a lot of style and depth to your rooms. Paige encourages all to practice, practice, practice with the finishing touches, first.

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Sophie, Kym, and Paige Follow-Up

Natural Lifestyle Expert Sophie Uliano follows up with Paige and Kym on their progress with the Gorgeous For Good 30 Day Program. Kym says she no longer buys diet soda at the grocery store and Paige proves that she can stick to the diet, even while she was on vacation in Mexico! Paige does admit that she had some bad snacks on the way home, including churros. Sophie takes Paige and Kym shopping for healthy foods.

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Mommy and Me Bleach Stenciled Fashion

Do It Yourself Expert Tanya Memme shows you how to do the perfect mommy and me project at home while using old aprons or clothes you have around the house. The total cost for the bleach stenciled shirt or apron is only $5-$10.

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