Not enough space for a tree? Build a Christmas Tree to attach on your wall that doubles as shelves.
Christmas Tree Gallery Wall
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  • 1” x 4” reclaimed wood cut at 37-degree angles to:
    • 36” length for the bottom tier
    • 30” length for the bottom tier
    • 29 ½” length for the second tier
    • 23 ½” length for the second tier
    • 22 ½” length for the third tier
    • 16 ¾” length for the third tier
    • 16” length for the fourth tier
    • 10” length for the fourth tier
    • 9 ½” length for the top tier
    • 5 ¼” length for the top tier
  • 1” x 4” straight cut to:
    • 46” length for the vertical support
    • 6” length for the trunk
    • Desired length for shelves
  • Circular saw
  • Nail gun with ¾” brad nails or drill with ¾” screws
  • Wooden star or jigsaw and star template to cut your own
  • Angle finder
  • Pencil
  • Tape measure
  • Desired hanging hardware
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • Optional:
    • Sanding block


  1. Cut the wood to size. The vertical support, shelves and trunk are straight cuts. For the tiers, use an angle finder to create a line from the length measurement inward on each side that is angled at 37-degrees, mark and cut. Cut some straight pieces to desired size for the shelves.
  2. If you are cutting your own star, do so now. Trace a star template onto the wood and use a jigsaw to cut out.
  3. Sand any rough edges lightly.
  4. Place the trunk then the two pieces of each tier together in order from the bottom tier upward face down on your workspace then place the vertical support on top.
  5. Space the tiers using the shelves, wedge them in between each tier to make sure they will fit snugly.
  6. Attach the tiers and trunk to the vertical support by screwing or nailing through the back of it in multiple places on each piece.
  7. Flip the tree over and hot glue the star to the top. PRO TIP: you can screw or nail in place if desired as well.
  8. Hang as desired, insert the shelves, decorate and enjoy!

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