A fun and creative DIY from Maria Provenzano.


  • Quickcrete Anchoring Cement; this dries quickly
  • Tealight Candles, or larger candles depending on the desired outcome
  • Gloves
  • Dust Mask or medical mask (or something to cover your nose and mouth)
  • Craft paint and paint brush; optional
  • Paint stirrer, or something similar to mix the concrete
  • Sand Paper


1) Work in a well-ventilated area, and work on a covered surface

2) Use a mask and gloves to prevent touching or breathing in the cement dust

3) Each cement may have different measurement directions, but usually it is a 4:1 ratio cement to water

4) Pour the water into the large paper cup, and while stirring, slowly pour in the cement

5) Keep adding cement and mixing until you achieve a cake batter like consistency

6) If it becomes too thick, add more water

7) You want it to be about 2/3 full

8) Once mixed, tap the cup onto the counter to remove excess bubbles

9) Working quickly, place the smaller cup into the center of the cement filled larger cup and push it down into the cement; fill the small cup with a rock, or some change, something to weigh it down

10) Use your hands to make sure the cup doesn’t float up

11) It won’t take long for this to harden, so you need to make sure to work quickly *Another way to do this is to use tea candles instead; make sure to find the ones that have plastic or metal around them, and simply place then into the top of the cup filled with cement (3/4 full) and push it down into the cement, hold it down until it starts to harden, which won’t take long.

12) Allow to harden; timing will depend on which cement you use(depending on which cement you use)

13) Use sand paper to sand away any undesired edges

14) Rinse under water to remove and debris

15) Allow to dry

16) Paint as desired

17) Place candle into the center of the cement, or use as a vase (for the ones that are made without the tea light)

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