Cat and Kitten Bowl Party

Paige Hemmis is helping you host the ultimate Cat and Kitten Bowl party.

Materials for Tablescape

  • Think outside the box. Use new kitty bowls to fill for your food and bags to fill for snacks!
  • Astroturf
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Cardstock

Materials for Bingo Board

  • Full page labels
  • Download our Bingo PDF Template
  • Cat stamp/punch
  • Card stock

Download Cat Treat Bags Template

Cat and Kitten Bowl Party - Home & Family


1. For the treat bags: Cut out whiskers, nose, mouth, eyes and ears out of black cardstock. Glue them onto bags. Let dry before filing with treats/snacks.
2. For the Astroturf cozies: Cut out Astroturf and wrap around a can of soda. Leave a little extra to glue the turf to the turf so that you can remove it for each drink. Secure with hot glue. Use additional Astroturf for a table runner.
3. For the bingo board: Use your cat stamp/punch to cut out little kitties out of cardstock as your bingo pieces. Download our PDF on label paper and stick it to the Astroturf or card stock.

Download Kitten Bowl Bingo Card 1Download Kitten Bowl Bingo Card 3
Download Kitten Bowl Bingo Card 2
Download Kitten Bowl Bingo Card 4

Download Kitten Bowl Bingo Blank TemplateGet more information about this episode >>

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