Shirley Bovshow is showing you tips on how to grow gorgeous hydrangeas at home.

Hydrangeas 101 - Home & Family

1. First, test your soil (all soil should be acidic but some colors need more acidity than others
(For blue hydrangea’s soil acidity should be 5.5)
(Pink, white or green hydrangeas are ok at 7.0 [neutral] or under)
2. Dig a hole as deep as the plant is tall
3. Mix fertilizer and acidifier into the soil (mix well)
4. Plant hydrangea
Note: You can purchase acidic soil if you are planting in pots but planting in the garden requires more careful soil control.
5. Tamp soil firmly around plant
6.Cover with mulch
7. Water liberally (and frequently) (soil should be moist at all times)
8. Plant in shady areas that get morning sun, or, on a sheltered patio
(Note: Hydrangeas risk drying out and scalding if exposed to hot sun. if your plant dries out, soak in water until well-moistened again)

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