A fun and creative DIY from Dream Jobbing finalist Erin Shannon.

DIY Finalist: Erin Shannon - Home & Family


1) Take used Keurig Cup and peel off the top foil

2) Dump coffee grinds into your garden

3) Using small scissors, cut downward 1⁄2 through your K cup and cut off top ridge of K Cup

4) Remove paper filter and add to compost pile

5) Put K Cup and plastic filter in soapy water

6) Allow K cup and filter to dry

7) Using small scissors or patterned craft scissors, cut petals however you desire

8) Bend petals back to reveal flower

9) Spray paint the front and back of your flower

10) Spray paint your filters to create the center of your flower

11) -Using straws or skewer sticks, rub paint on them and allow to dry. These are your stems

12) Using glue or a hot glue gun, layer your flowers to your stem and insert filter centers

13) To anchor boots, insert a sandwich bag full of coffee beans

14) Insert your flowers and arrange as desired

Notes: Use straws instead of skewers, if you’re working with children.

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