Questions From "Ask The Family"

Our first question is for Kym and comes from our Facebook fan Shawnee Penkacik for Kym: “I am a stay at home mom of 3, and hate being told i look tired when i have no time to do my make-up! Do you have a quick everyday fix for me?"

Kym: Use brow pencil ($1.99), aquaphor lip gloss($1), eye lash curler. Look great in 5 minutes for less than $5.

Paige, Julie Ruddean from Facebook asks “I need to change my walls in my apartment without using paint, does temporary wallpaper work, or do you have other suggestions?"

Paige: Temporary wallpaper can be great and easy to use, no tools needed! I have heard of people using it to even brighten up hospital rooms. It’s easy to use, moveable, and re-usable! You must adhere to a satin finish or it could remove paint, that’s the only downside.

Facebook fan Minnie Rivera writes: “Ken, my daughter’s first birthday is coming up next month, do you have any tips for a theme?”

Ken: When i did my daughter Coco’s birthday, we did a black and yellow theme, very bright and simple, perfect for a first birthday. Staying simple with a color theme helps you to add cute touches and make the baby the focus with their cute outfit.

Cristina, Linda Robbins asks: "What is the best way to clean mushrooms when prepping them for cooking?"

Cristina: Use a vegetable brush to wipe off dirt, if you wet them, they absorb water and fall apart, so the brush, veggie wash and water are best!

Mark, Facebook fan Erica Dynda wants to know how to photograph her black Labrador, because his eyes and face seem to disappear in pictures.

Mark: You should photograph darker dogs in lower resolution light (in the shade is best), so that their features do not disappear. Bright light tends to make features blend together.

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