T.C. Stallings Interview

The actor sits down with Mark and guest co-host Kym Douglas to talk about his latest film, “War Room” and all of its recent success. He explains how the movie is about eliminating distractions and listening to the power of prayer. T.C. believes the movie is about teaching and informing the audience. The actor is also joined by his wife and his two daughters in his interview.

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Grain-Free Pumpkin Bars with Maple Pecan Glaze - Home & Family

Grain-Free Pumpkin Bars with Maple Pecan Glaze

Healthy Cooking Host and Author, Megan Gilmore is in the Home & Family kitchen whipping up a sweet treat! Her mission is to make healthy eating accessible, simple and delicious and today she is cooking grain-free pumpkin bars with maple pecan glaze. The dish is flour-less and has no refined sugars. She explains that almond butter and baking soda eliminate the use of grain.

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The Best Shoes for Baby - Home & Family

The Best Shoes for a Baby

Dr. JJ sits down with Debbie to talk about baby shoes. Now that Debbie’s baby Alexandra is walking, Debbie has a lot of questions. Dr. JJ encourages Debbie to let Alexandra walk around barefoot as much as possible to help build her arches and ankle muscles. The first pair of shoes should have a soft soul, round toe and heel support.

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Ethan Peck Interview

Actor Ethan Peck joins Kym and Mark to talk about his new movie, “Eden,” a story about survivors staying alive on a deserted island. His character Andreas becomes the leader on the island and his strong personality later leads to chaos and conflict. Acting is in Ethan’s blood since his grandfather is legendary actor, Gregory Peck!
Don't miss "Eden" in theaters on September 18th.

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Do It Yourself Suitcase Medicine Cabinet - Home & Family

DIY Suitcase Medicine Cabinet

Ken Wingard is in the house to demonstrate how to recycle an old suitcase and turn it into a medicine cabinet! He explains that the suitcase should not be too heavy, but should be moisture resistant. Ken recommends looking for an old suitcase at your local flea market or second-hand store. He says this is the perfect addition to a powder room to guest room.

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Kym Kooks!

Kym is back in the kitchen for her very own cooking segment! She makes her very own “Salmon Boats” which makes a perfect appetizer because it has protein and vegetables. Kym first came up with the idea because her son is always bringing friends by and it fills them up!

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Do It Yourself Feathered Shoes - Home & Family - Video

DIY Feathered Shoes

Tanya Memme shows you how you can add a little flair to your sandals by making feathered shoes! Tanya explains that her recent mother/daughter trip to Italy inspired her for this DIY. Especially because the feathered shoes she saw in the retail store were almost a thousand dollars! This DIY will cost you less than $20!

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Ask the Family!

The family members all gather around to answer some questions from Facebook viewers!

The Grapes of Health - Home & Family

The Grapes of Health

Shirley Bovshow gives the lowdown the benefits of grapes! If you are planning on growing your own grapes at home, Shirley explains that the plants require full sun, deep and drained soil and 150-frost-free days to grow well. Table grapes are most flavorful than wine grapes. When it comes to wine grapes, they are sweeter with thicker skins than the table grapes.

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