Ryan Lee Interview

Actor Ryan Lee visits the show to talk about his new movie, “Goosebumps” where he plays the charismatic character, Champ. Ryan also talks about what it was like working with funnyman, Jack Black who is a fan of committing pranks on his co-stars. The actor also opens up about his first crush when he was younger, Jessica Simpson.“Goosebumps” opens nation-wide today!

Susan Feniger Cooks! - Home & Family

Chorizo Chilaquiles

Chef and owner of “Border Grille” Susan Feniger is in the kitchen cooking up Chorizo Chilaquile, a traditional Mexican dish typically eaten at breakfast or brunch. She even shows Cristina how to make her own salsa to go with the dish. If you don’t want to use chorizo, you can add bacon or grilled vegetables, as well. She even enlists the help of Ryan Lee for prep work!

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Halloween Costumes for Children and Parents - Home & Family

DIY Costumes For Children and Parents

Tanya Memme and Paige Hemmis team up to show parents how they can create terrfiic parent/child costume sets. Tanya and her daughter Ava dress as Papa Smurf and Smurfette. As the costume fashion show continues, there is an iPod and headphone, Bo Peep and Sheep and finally, Chef and a lobster.

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Kym Johnson Interview

“Dancing with the Stars” Kym Johnson talks about her recent return to the dance competition series and about her experience as a judge in the Australian’s version of the show. Today, Kym also focuses on her new fitness brand, “5678 Fitness,” which combines dance choreography and nutrition. Her first fitness DVD and book will be released in January 2016. After her interview, Kym gives Mark some dancing tips.

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Halloween Treats - Home & Family

Halloween Treats

Kym Douglas is back in the kitchen whipping up some delicious Halloween treats that kids of all ages will love. She makes Deviled Egg Eyeballs, Haunted Chocolate-Cream Cheese Dip and Mummy Dogs!

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Mommy Must-Haves - Home & Family

Mommy Must-Haves

Kristin Smith is joined by her toddler son, Kingston to tell you about the latest products that moms everywhere will love! She introduces Mark and Cristina to a plush animal stool, sensory kids’ books, cute backpacks, and insulated lunch kits.

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Ford Edge Car

The President of Shults Ford: Harmaville & Wexford, PA joins Mark and Cristina to talk about their Ford Edge. Richard Bazzy describes all the features that the car has, from the efficient gas mileage to the backseat storage. This vehicle has it all!

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Preparing for Retirement - Home & Family

Saving for Retirement

Jeanette Pavini breaks down the numbers when it comes to saving for retirement. She explains that every penny counts. She says you can save money by cutting down on coffee trips and packing your own lunch. She also encourages viewers to set up an automatic transfer of money every month into a retirement account through your bank.

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