Friday, October 11th, 2019

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Apps Ali Loves
Ali loves capturing special moments with her family and these apps help her do just that.

Ali loves to cook with her kids, but grocery shopping is not always easy. The SuperCook app allows you to select all the ingredients in your pantry or fridge and generates recipes using those items.

Intelistyle helps you generate an outfit with pieces that are in your closet. This app even factors in the seasons to generate weather appropriate outfits.

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Miso Maple Slow Roasted Chicken with Squash - Home & Family

Miso Maple Slow Roasted Chicken with Squash
Actor Trevor Donovan is in the kitchen with Cameron whipping up a dish perfect for the Hallmark Channel movie premiere of “Love, Fall and Order.” Trevor stars in the movie with Erin Cahill.

Before starting the dish make sure to pat the chicken dry. Seasoning should go both inside and outside of the chicken. You should also truss the chicken, or tie the legs together, to keep the chicken moist. “Love, Fall and Order” premiered Saturday, October 12th at 9pm/8c.

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DIY Broken China Jewelry - Home & Family

China sets can be great family heirlooms but if yours is broken or looking worse for wear you can transform it into beautiful jewelry with Orly’s DIY Broken China Jewelry.

For things first, Orly says if you have a broken plate, don’t fix it. Break it some more using a heavy plastic bag to break up the china to use for jewelry.

Sand off the edges to make them softer to the touch and get rid of bumps.

Wrap the pieces in foil tape to really emulate the look of jewelry hardware. Make sure your foil matches the color of your pendant and chain.

E6000 glue will help bond the china to your pendant, rather than hot glue.

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Meredith Vieira Interview - Home & Family

Meredith Vieira
“Home & Family” welcomes for the very first-time legendary journalist and iconic talk show host Meredith Vieira. Debbie and Meredith met and bonded when working on “The View” and recount what it was like working with Barbara Walters. Meredith also shares why she almost did not join “The View.” Cameron was not far from Meredith and Debbie back in those day as “The View” was right across the hall from “All My Children.”

Meredith is the host of the new game show “25 Words of Less,” and takes Cameron through a round of the game. Check your local listings to find out where and when to watch “25 Words or Less.”

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Extend the Life of Your Stuff
Everyone is looking for ways to save extra money. Don’t waste money buying new products, Kym shows how to fix what you have and extend the life of the products you love.

A sweater accidentally shrunken in the wash can be restored using Unshrinkit.


Protect phone chargers from getting frayed with Cable Protectors. These are also great for distinguishing whose cord is whose.


Prevent your makeup from getting lost or destroyed by placing it in a Calpak Hard Side Cosmetic Case. Kym’s got you covered if you need to fix you makeup with the following tips below.


• Mash into powder using a knife/pen/key/pencil etc.
• Spray with rubbing alcohol
• Place a quarter into a tissue paper and mat down
• Clean up sides and let dry
• It’s as good as new!


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4 C’s of Parenting with Erika Katz - Home & Family

4 C’s of Parenting
Parenting expert and best-selling author Erika Katz (“Coach Parenting: Raising Teenagers with Advice from Pro Football’s Greatest Head Coaches”) breaks down the 4 C’s of parenting: Care, Consistency, Choice, Consequences.

Kids are living in the age of Google and often have the why for everything making “because I said so” obsolete. Erika’s tip, approach kids with rules from a place of caring.

Consistency is key as kids crave routine and often don’t like surprises. Whether its rules or a set time for dinner, make sure they are always the same. This repetition helps create boundaries.

Kids push back on boundaries as they want to make their own choices. It is important as a parent to teach them how to make good decisions on their own.

The big “C” kids don’t like is consequences. When choosing a punishment for kids to teach a lesson, make sure the consequence is not harmful to you as the parent.

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Dr. Sonia Debunks Old Wives’ Tales
We have all heard the Old Wives’ tales for skin care and maybe even tried them. However, some are just not true. Dermatologist and “The Doctors” host Dr. Sonia Batra helps set the record straight.

The first myth debunked is that toothpaste helps get rid of pimples. Wrong! Toothpaste irritates skin and causes redness and peeling. Instead use tea tree oil or a chamomile tea bag.

Honey is not just for the common cold; it can help heal wounds as it protects skin from bacteria when applied directly. Be sure to use fresh honey from a new bottle or even medical grade honey.

Ever hear shaving causes hair to grow back thicker? False! Shaving does not change the thickness of your hair.

Find out more and follow Dr. Sonia Batra @drsoniabatra

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Chicken Tetrazzini - Home & Family

Chicken Tetrazzini with Mascarpone Cheese
Tetrazzini may have an Italian name, but it is an American classic. Debbie shows how easy it is to make this dish and amps it up with Better Than Bouillon and mascarpone cheese.

Key tips when making this dish is to make sure the mushrooms are cooked until the liquid is evaporated. Add dry sherry to your onions and garlic to build flavor. Get the cooked all day flavor key in a home-cooked meal instantly mixing in Better Than Bullion into your rue and adding mascarpone cheese.

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Paige’s adorable DIY Santa Logs are great crafts to add to your holiday decor. You can create your Santa using wood or you can you use a pool noodle. Give the pool noodle a faux would look with contact paper. Easily add Santa’s face on your wood using fleece and felt.

Get the instructions for Paige’s DIY Santa Log using wood >>

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Black Cod in Spiced Tomato Brodo
Executive Chef at Chamisal Vineyards, Peter Janiak is reeling in the catch of the day to make Black Cod in Spiced Tomato Prodo. This recipe is easy to prepare perfectly at home just like it is in the restaurant by pan searing it to get a nice skin crispy. In order to achieve this dry out the fish as much as possible and do not add salt before placing it in the pan. When making the sauce let the tomato paste scorch a bit to add depth and richness to the flavor.

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Fine to Fab Tips from Lawrence Zarian - Home & Family

Fine to Fab
Lawrence shows how a few simple swaps can update your wardrobe. Lawrence shares how your outfit can go from fine to fab in no time

A dress with a vest is great for fine for daytime. Make it fab by losing the vest and replacing it with a leather jacket. Top off this day to night look by letting your hair down.

A tote and flats are fine for a day out running errands, but what if you need to quickly get ready for a dinner date? Simply swap your tote for a small bag with fun hardware and replace your slip-ons with some ankle boots for a fab date night look.

A blazer and jumpsuit combo for the office is a fine fall look. You can make it fabulous by replacing the blazer with a light-weight, flowing jacket. Swap your work bag with smaller cross body bag. You can also take your scarf and turn it into a belt which adds a nice cinched look to your waist.

Get more details on Lawrence’s Fine to Fab Looks >>

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Adoption Ever After - Steven Beagal - Home & Family

Adoption Ever After
We meet a true survivor named Stoic. He is a little kitty in California looking for a forever home. He is a playful guy who survived a camp fire. He is available for adoption from The Field Haven Feline Center in Lincoln, CA.

Find out more at WWW.FIELDHAVEN.COM

Meet little super star Steven Beagal. He is a cute and sweet 2-year-old beagle mix. He loves to be a lap-dog but he is also adventurous as he has lived most of his life outdoors. He is available for adoption from Brookings Regional Humane Society in South Dakota.