Star of the “The Princess Bride,” Cary Elwes
Star of the cult film classic “The Princess Bride,” actor Cary Elwes is back in the house. Today Cary talks about his new memoir “As You Wish” that's based off Cary’s experiences filming “The Princess Bride.” Cary shares hilarious stories of working with Andre the Giant and even reveals the unique relationship between “The Princess Bride” and “Star Wars.”

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Tanya Memme’s DIY Lighted Gift Boxes
Using printed cellophane and a strand of Christmas lights, Tanya Memme shows how you can create a beautiful lighted gift box. Tanya’s craft is the perfect way to illuminate your home throughout the holiday season. And, as Tanya shows, you can customize these lighted gift boxes to match your own holiday motif.

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Actor & Model Antonio Sabato Jr.
Actor and model Antonio Sabato Jr. chats with Mark and Cristina about his new show, “Fix It & Finish It.” On the show Antonio overhauls the home of someone in desperate need. The show has special significance for Antonio because as a child he and his family lost everything in a tragic fire. Antonio shares a clip from the show and later he and Mark team up to make a fun and festive DIY sawhorse reindeer!

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Back Pain Caused By Herniated Disks
Dr. Matt Iseman shares important information on back pain caused by herniated disks. From causes to treatments, Dr. Iseman gives some great tips to help you avoid this type of sustained back pain.

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Christmas Cactus 101
Garden designer Shirley Bovshow shows the proper way to care for a Christmas cactus. Native to Brazil, the Christmas cactus requires lots of darkness and lost of water. In this segment Shirley shows the best ways to get your Christmas cactus to bloom and also how to cut and propagate clippings.

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Cristina Ferrare Cooks Turkey Marinade & Stuffing
Cristina Ferrare shares her legendary turkey marinade recipe. This simple recipe combines Dijon mustard, soy sauce, and fresh herbs to give you a ‘joist’ turkey. And later Cristina shows how use Stove Top stuffing to make the perfect holiday side dish.

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Matt Rogers DIY Admiration Board
Matt Rogers shows how to make an admiration board, a unique and thoughtful gift for anyone that you love. Matt’s craft is simple and inexpensive while still a great way to encourage the people you care for most.

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