• Plastic Box
  • Tape
  • Glue dots
  • Mini plastic lights
  • Netting (from a craft store) of your color choosing
  • Porous fabric (like Burlap) or cellophane
  • Frosted spray
  • Ribbon/Fabric Ribbon for the bow

Note: You want to get the mini lights that have the white wiring not the green wiring unless you’re using a darker wrapping paper


  1. Take your box and use scotch tape to tape the lights to the inside of the box
  2. Take your sparkly netting and weave it in between on the inside to give it more fullness
  3. Then assemble the box and put a tiny slit in it for the plug
  4. Spray the outside of your box with frosted spray
  5. Wrap the box very tightly in clear cellophane or burlap (or other fabric of choice) and cut a slit in the wrapping to let the cord hang out
  6. Take your ribbon/fabric and make a bow
  7. Plug in!

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