Lana Parrilla Interview - Home & Family

Lana Parrilla Interview

Actress Lana Parrilla talks about the upcoming season finale of her show, “Once Up on a Time” airing May 10th on ABC. Lana’s character, “Regina,” is now in love with Robin Hood and that is when things start getting twisty. Lana has also played an old hag and a sea witch on the show. Lana points out that she loves playing good and evil on the show! The actress then takes questions from the audience, where she reveals that playing the evil queen has been her favorite role, and she also admits she was a total “Dead Head” fan of the Grateful Dead.

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Sugar Babies - Home & Family

Sugar Babies

Rachel Crystal and Kassandra Workman from Sugar Babies Cupcakery are in the Home & Family kitchen baking Cake Pops for everybody. The girls explain that they make the perfect Mother’s Day gift. You can also get as creative as you want with them when it comes to decorations.

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Must-Have Running Gear

 With warm weather approaching, Kym Douglas shows you some helpful ways to get inspired to start exercising. Items include a music-playing sweatband, pepper-spray that is disguised as a fashionable bracelet and a running pouch!

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Do It Yourself Treats and Sweets for Your Dog - Home & Family

David Mazouz Stops By

The actor David Mazouz stops by and chats about playing Bruce Wayne on the Fox show, “Gotham.” David is feeling a stronger emotional connection to his character this season and says justice motivates his character. David also opens up about attending his first Comic-Con and talks about the excitement of seeing “The Avengers” cast. Later, David makes some sweet treats for dogs and reminds us that May 18th is National Therapy Animal Day & Treats and Sweets Day. Animal therapy is a cause that David is passionate about, and his homemade treats are for both humans and dogs!

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Paige Hemmis’s Perfect Flower Girl Dress - Home & Family

Paige’s Perfect Flower Girl Dress

With Paige Hemmis’s wedding just over a month away, Tanya Memme helps her with flower girls’ dresses. Paige loves the idea of four princesses walking down the aisle. Paige wants pink and tulle in these dresses. One of Paige’s flower girls, Gianna models one of Tanya’s dresses for Home & Family.

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BBQ Must-Haves For Dad

With warmer weather coming, Matt Rogers gives you some must-have items for the dad ready to BBQ. Everything from armor gloves, aprons that help you stay organized and a Grill Daddy Pro that helps you clean-up afterwards!

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BBQ Apron,

Grill Daddy Pro,

Grill Armor Gloves, (Promo Code for 10% discount: HALLMARK)

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USAA Help - Home & Family


Ingrid Burns from USAA sits down to talk about how the company provides military families with financial tools such as Money Manager to track finances. The biggest challenge as a military spouse has to be uprooting your life and starting over in new places. USAA assist spouses with creating resumes and finding employment after a move or transition from the military.

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DIY Lounge Chairs

Ken Wingard has the perfect way to help you relax this summer. He shows you how to make your very own lounge chars and design them in any color you want!

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