Friday, May 3rd, 2019

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Erin Krakow Visits - Home & Family

Erin Krakow Visits

Actress Erin Krakow sits down with Home & Family to talk about the special 2-night event of Hallmark Channel’s Original Series, “When Calls the Heart.” The first episode airs this Sunday at 9/8c, followed by another all-new episode Monday at 8/7c. She also opens up about new characters popping up in Hope Valley and what it has been like working with a baby on set.

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Chicken Poblano Enchiladas - Home & Family

Chicken Poblano Enchiladas

Chef and owner of “Border Grill” restaurants, Susan Feniger returns to the Home & Family kitchen and today she is whipping up some chicken poblano enchiladas! Before getting started, make sure to have a blender handy to make the sauce. Soak the ancho chilis with hot water for 15 minutes before transferring them in the blender with the rest of your ingredients. When done, you’ll have a flavorful dish with a spicy kick!

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DIY Table Top Dress Forms

Ken Wingard is in the Christmas Corner today making table top dress forms. His DIY today was inspired Hallmark Channel’s Original Movie, “A Royal Christmas,” starring Lacey Chabert, which you can catch an encore airing of tonight at 9/8c. Because he is not attaching the embellishments to the dress form permanently, you can switch it out each season. You can find dress forms online. He encourages you to get as creative as you want and get the kids involved with helping put the dress forms together.

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Nancy Grace and Kellie Martin Visit - Home & Family

Nancy Grace and Kellie Martin

Nancy Grace and Kellie Martin visit Home & Family to talk about their upcoming Hallmark Movies & Mysteries Movie, “Hailey Dean Mysteries: Death on Duty,” which premieres Sunday, May 5th, 9/8c. They even bring a sneak peek for fans to enjoy. The characters in the Hailey Dean Mysteries are all based on characters from Nancy Grace’s book series. Also don’t miss three all-new Hailey Dean Mystery movies premiering this month on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries!

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Breakfast Fried Rice

Olympic swimmer Natalie Coughlin is in the kitchen making a hearty and nutritious breakfast fried rice. She says that this dish has always been a comfort food for her. The dish starts with collard greens, but you can always substitute in broccoli or kale, as long as you add garlic for more flavor. Make sure your rice is chilled before adding to the skillet to make it extra-crispy. For even more protein, you can add sausage to the dish!

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Jen Lilley and Dan Jeannotte - Home & Family

Jen Lilley and Dan Jeannotte

Actress Jen Lilley and actor Dan Jeannotte sit down with Cameron and Debbie to to talk about the premiere of their all new Hallmark Channel Original Movie, “Paris, Wine & Romance,” which you can catch this Saturday at 9/8c. The actors open up about what it was like filming the movie on location in France and some of the sights they got to visit.

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Chocolate and Hazelnut Biscotti - Home & Family

Chocolate and Hazelnut Biscotti

Author of “The Italian Table,” Elizabeth Minchilli is making a rustic form of biscotti called crucchi with chocolate and hazelnuts. Her biscotti stands out because you only cook it once, compared to traditional biscotti which are cooked twice. She first learned to make this traditional recipe in Italy using all local ingredients from the region. When she is done, she shows Home & Family some of her favorite recipes from her cookbook.

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Dr. Sonia Batra

Co-host of “The Doctors,” Dr. Sonia Batra visits Home & Family to talk about May being Skin Cancer Awareness Month. She explains that most common skin cancers are non-melanoma cancers. Melanoma is the deadliest of the skin cancers. She encourages you to re-apply your sunscreen every two hours and every hour if you are in the water, but says most people only apply 1/4th of how much they should be. When applying sunscreen, make sure to not overlook your lips and ears.

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DIY Hanging Terrariums

Shirley Bovshow is showing you how to turn a cherry tomato holder, coffee pods and yogurt cups into hanging terrariums. This is a great way to recycle items you would usually throw away. Using Mod Podge, she adds fun embellishments like old jewelry, fabrics and paper to the containers to make them stand out. Use hot glue to attach the lids to the terrariums. To create holes in your containers for hanging, she suggests using a styrofoam cutter. Finally, make sure your plant is level before hanging your terrarium.

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Weekly Adoption Round-Up

Larissa Wohl is recapping the list of dogs and cats featured on Home & Family this week that are up for adoption.

Adoption Ever After

LOCATION: Sherman Oaks, Ca
RESCUE: Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation

LOCATION: Alpharetta, HA
RESCUE: Angels Among Us Pet Rescue