Friday, March 23rd, 2018

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Horseradish Brisket - Home & Family

Not Your Mama’s Horseradish Brisket

“Top Chef” judge Gail Simmons is in the kitchen today making a mouth-watering brisket. She also talks about her cookbook, “Bringing it Home.” Gail is also staying busy with her upcoming appearance at the Palm Desert Food and Wine Festival, which begins this week.

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Kix Brooks

Country music star/actor Kix Brooks sits down with Mark and Debbie to talk about his role in Hallmark Channel’s Original Movie, “Home By Spring” which premieres Saturday, March 31st at 9/8c. Kix also opens up about his own marriage and shares photos from his wedding.

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DIY Colossal Yard Candy - Home & Family

DIY Colossal Yard Candy

Ken Wingard is adding some extra fun Easter decor to the backyard by making his own colossal yard candy out of an insulation foam board, polyurethane, glitter, paint, jigsaw glue and PVC pipe.

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Easter Lilly Care

With Easter right around the corner, Shirley Bovshow is teaching you how to care for lilies. Before deciding to grow your own, make sure you can provide temperatures between 60-65 degrees, which is what they need in order to survive. Also take into consideration that lilies are toxic to cats.

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DIY Gingham Table - Home & Family

GIY Gingham Table

Blogger Amber Kemp-Gerstel is back and today she is making a gingham table out of an underframe, sanded plywood, paint, paint brushes, paint rollers, painter’s tape, and a foam brush. An extra tip is to peel the painter’s tape off while the paint is still drying to help prevent chipping. For a protective seal, use polyurethane as a final touch.

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Lasagna Roll-Ups

Chef and author of “You Can Have It,” Devin Alexander is making kid-friendly cheesy lasagna roll-ups. To make the dish even healthier she recommends using fat-free ricotta instead of full fat. When looking for a marinara sauce, check out ones that have don’t have a lot of added sugar and sodium.

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Pretty in Pink

Lawrence Zarian is introducing you to the hottest looks in pink and also hosts his own fashion show.

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Stacked Christmas Tree Garland

Orly Shani is celebrating holidays with this DIY, a stacked Christmas tree garland. Before getting started, make sure you are using a thick felt in order for this DIY to work.

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Colon Cancer Awareness - Home & Family

Colon Cancer Awareness

Director of the Colorectal Cancer Program at Cedar Sinai Medical Center, Dr. Zuri Murell teams up with Ducolax to bring you information about colon cancer.