Friday, July 29th, 2016

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James Denton Interview - Home & Family

James and Sheppard Denton

The father and son talk about their upcoming Hallmark Channel Original Movie, “For Love & Honor” which premieres Saturday, July 30th at 8/7c. Sheppard describes what it was like working with his dad on his first film, while James jokes it was hard to not give him some pointers during production. James even got to direct his son in a few scenes. James and Sheppard also share what it was like to practice rifle drills for two months before filming began.

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Pancake Printer

Kym Douglas is in the kitchen with a fun product that was recently invented in Norway by a man and his daughters. She enlists the help of Sheppard Denton in printing an American Flag pancake. Kym points out that you can use any type of pancake batter and that this pancake maker will cost you $300.

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DIY Painted Shoes - Home & Family

DIY Painted Shoes

Orly Shani is showing you how to make painted shoes. First things first, make sure the material on your shoes is absorbent. Paint pens allow you to draw precise shapes and patterns on your shoes. But, if you don’t have paint pens around, you can also use a Sharpie pen. When you are finished, seal the paint with varnish spray. This entire DIY will cost you $10-$20.

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Alison Ewing

The actress and performer visits Home & Family to talk about starring in “Cabaret,” which is set in pre-WWII Berlin, Germany. In the play, Alison plays Frauline Kost, where she demonstrates not only her acting and singing skills, but also plays the accordion. Alison also had to learn German for the role, and after her interview, she sings a show tune for the audience.

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James Denton Interview - Home & Family

Chef Daniel Green Cooks

Chef and author, Daniel Green joins Debbie in the Home & Family kitchen to cook sea bass parcels. Daniel talks about his 11th cookbook, “Paleo Monday to Friday,” which is his second cookbook about the Paleo diet. He encourages people to take two days off a week from their diet, to not feel so restricted.

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Jake Paul Interview

Jake sits down with Mark and Debbie to talk about his comedy series on Disney, “Bizaardvark,” which you can watch Sundays at 8:30/7:30c. Jake first got his start virally by making popular Vine videos and first developed a love for making videos at the age 10. Jake’s Vine videos have been seen nearly 2 billion times! He calls Vine a challenge, because there is only a six second limit for each video.

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DIY Copper Decor Vase - Home & Family

DIY Copper Decor

Maria Provenzano is talking about the new trend of copper and how to make your own luxe items like vases and an iPad holder without breaking the bank. Instead of using real copper, Maria uses straws and crafting wire to save money. She coats the straws with copper spray paint and Mark and Debbie can’t tell it is not real!

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Pokemon Go

Matt Rodgers is talking about new craze everybody is playing, Pokemon Go, which is a free mobile app you can download. He talks about the benefits of the game, which includes the way it encourages kids to walk around and stay active. He also warns parents they should talk to their kids about wandering onto private properties and the importance of supervising your children when they are playing in public places.

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Ask a Vet - Home & Family

Ask the Vet

Veterinarian and host of National Geographic’s “Pet Talk,” Dr. Tina Olivieri sits down to answer some common questions the family members have about their pets.

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