Dominik Garcia-Lorido Interview

Actress Dominik Garcia-Lorido stops by to talk to Mark and Cristina about her new film action thriller, “Wild Card” starring alongside Jason Statham. Dominik’s father is Andy Garcia and he gave her acting tips. Dominik said her childhood was really interesting because she was traveling a lot when her father was filming. Dominik also loves acting side-by-side with her movie star dad.

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DIY Big Game Mancave

Lifestyle Design Expert Paige Hemmis and Designer Daniel Kucan show you how to make your own Big Game Mancave with a football theme. Pick your favorite team colors and have fun creating.

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Pita Nachos

Chef Eric Greenspan cooks up some traditional snacks with a twist for the big game on Sunday including Pita Nachos, Kale and Goat Cheese Dip, and Brats in a Blanket.

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Dancing and Exercise

New mom Debbie Matenoupolos talks about always wanting to try dancing as exercise after the birth of her daughter. Dance instructor Brinn Nicole shows Debbie some moves and talks about her own career as a successful teacher in the business. She says the key is to make the exercise fun, and there are so many aspects to the movements that keep it interesting

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Jim O’Heir Interview

Comedic actor Jim O’Heir talks about the final season of his hit NBC show ‘Parks and Recreation.’ Jim and the cast were just featured on the cover of ‘Entertainment Weekly.’ The actor says that ‘Parks and Recreation’ is one of those shows that keeps getting funnier and funnier as the seasons continue. He also talks about his character being married to the real life supermodel, Christie Brinkley. He also brings a sneak preview of the next episode for Home & Family to enjoy.

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Kids Playing Football

Matt Iseman, MD and TV Host Matt Rogers discuss the controversial topic of children playing football and the pressures that kids get from coaches. Both men agree there are pros and cons to having kids participate in football.

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Ask Cristina

Cristina is back to answer some of your Facebook questions. Cristina suggests keeping baby showers for women-only because it is great for bonding. But, it is okay for a father and his friends show up towards the end.

Finding Rover

John Polimeno has created the Finding Rover App to help people find their lost pets by using facial recognition. The software is 98% accurate. The app has reunited over 400 people with their pets. The Finding Rover App can be downloaded on iOS and Android. John said the idea first came to mind when he saw a lost dog poster and it reminded him of his own dog he lost years before. The best part is Finding Rover is free!

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DIY Photo Booth

DIY Expert Tanya Memme shows how to make your very own photo booth. The key is to make sure your camera is aligned and the settings are at an accurate distance from your subject. Also make sure to include fun and sassy accessories to get people having fun! You can always change the fabric to go with your party theme.

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