Vincent Rodriguez III Interview

The actor sits down with Mark and Cristina to talk about his musical comedy series, “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” which airs Mondays at 8/7c on the CW network. Vincent is a trained stage actor and opens up about what it was like transitioning to television. In the show, Vincent plays the main character Rachel’s ex-boyfriend, Josh. Vincent and the cast of the show also recently received a key to the city of West Covina, where “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” takes place.

Chef Ellie Krieger Cooks! - Home & Family

Chef Ellie Krieger Cooks

The host of Food Network’s “Healthy Appetite” is in the kitchen with Cristina preparing Mini Turkey Meatloaves, which contain the healthy ingredients of oats and zucchini. Ellie’s latest cookbook, “You Have It Made” features healthy meals you can make ahead of time. Ellie is also a nutritionist and her tip is to always have a colorful produce in every meal and snack. She also reminds the audience to let perfection get in the way of better.

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Kym’s Big Move

Kym Douglas opens up about her recent big move, where she and her family moved back to the city, after years of living on the outskirts. She discusses tips that she learned along the way to make her move easier. She recommends giving yourself plenty of time to organize and toss items you don’t need. Remember that the movers will charge you by the hour, so be packed when they arrive. When it comes to moving into your new house, don’t be afraid to hire a home organizer to help make the job that much smoother.

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Cirque Du Soleil

Performers from Cirque Du Soleil Presents “KURIOS: Cabinet of Curiosities” are in the Home & Family backyard giving a dazzling performance as seen in their show.

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Animal Boot Covers - Home & Family

Animal Boot Covers

Tanya Memme shows you how easy it to add some flair to your child’s boots and add animal boot covers using leg warmers, fabric glue, yarn, pom poms and accessories. Don’t be afraid to get as creative as you want because it is almost impossible to make a mistake. This entire DIY will cost you as little as $10, half the price if you were to buy it in a retail store.

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Cierra Ramirez Interview

The actress opens up to Home & Family about her Freeform series, “The Fosters,” which airs Mondays, 8/7c. Cierra was always a performer and talks about how she first got a passion for singing at the young age of seven. She was first inspired to sing by listening her father’s record collection. After her interview, Cierra wows the crowd and sings Adele’s classic hit, “Chasing Pavements.”

Faux Fur Fashions

Debbie Matenopoulos shows you all the latest in fashion when it comes to faux fur. She says the advantages of faux fur is that it is socially conscious and it is a tiny fraction of the price that a real fur coat will cost you. Another advantage of faux fur coats is that they are easy to clean and will last for years.

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Decorating Tips and Tricks - Home & Family

Decorating Tips and Tricks

Design expert Kelly Edwards re-decorates the Home & Family living room using the hottest finds from LA-Z-Boy. Kelly suggests mixing bold fabrics such as floral and plaids, but start with a staple piece in a neutral color. She also reminds viewers that LA-Z-Boy designers will come to your house free of charge.

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DIY Heart-Shaped Massage Bars - Home & Family

Heart-Shaped Massage Bars

Sophie Uliano gets you ready for Valentine’s Day with these heart-shaped massage bars that make for perfect gifts. The massage bars have been scientifically proven to treat stretch marks and wrinkles. When you are done making the massage bars, you place them in a candy box or Mason jars to present them to your loved one.

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Three Landscaping Mistakes - Home & Family

DIY Landscaping Mistakes

Shirley Bovshow breaks down some of the biggest mistakes people make when landscaping. She says one of the big ones people tend to make is not having a plan. A general layout is better than having no design whatsoever. The second mistake is not knowing the budget you are working with. Finally, the third biggest mistake people make is not selecting the right plants for their landscaping project.

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