Daphne Brogdon Dishes!

Food Network Star Daphne Brogdon visits Home & Family to whip up her Roasted Stuffed Pork Loin and the Best Cauliflower Ever. Daphne’s husband is the famous chef, Mark Peel. She admits she doesn’t use as much spice as her husband in the meals she makes at home. The key to Daphne’s famous cauliflower is soft tofu to give it the creamy texture. She admits that cauliflower gets a bad rap because of how it is prepared, which is why she enjoys adding more flavor to hers with peppers and bread crumbs for crispiness. The family members can’t get enough!

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Ken Wingard’s DIY Photos on Wood

Lifestyle Expert Ken Wingard shows you how to transfer photos onto wood planks. The key is using very smooth wood- rough wood will not work. Bright colors on lighter wood looks best. At the end, the entire project will cost you as little as $13.

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Lawrence Zarian’s Fashion Advice

Lifestyle Expert Lawrence Zarian shows you how to create three different looks with each piece of clothing you buy. He is a big fan of statement necklaces and believes they should always be worn against bare skin. He also suggests wrapping a colorful scarf around a purse to add more flair.

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Jessica Parker Kennedy Talks “Black Sails” 

Actress Jessica Parker Kennedy talks about her character on the Starz Network drama, “Black Sails” which has its second season premiere Saturday, January 24th at 9PM. Jessica talks about filming her show seven months out of the year in Cape Town, Africa. When she is on location, her mom will fly out and stay with her for a month and the two share in local adventures, including shark diving!

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Taste of Home with Marsha Davis

Cristina and Mark Skype with Marsha Davis who created the recipe, 7UP Pound Cake for Taste of Home Magazine. Marsha admits that she cried when she heard about her recipe being featured, and also shares that the recipe is handed down to her from her grandma. She tells Mark and Cristina that the key is to not over mix the batter and only add the eggs one at a time.

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Max Thomas Talks Golf

Max Thomas talks about being a golf prodigy at the age of eight. He has been working on his new reality show for Esquire Network, “The Short Game.” Max first picked up a club when he was only two! Both his parents admit they don’t even golf and his dad Drew serves as his son’s caddy on the course. Max says the key is to not get distracted by other players and to focus on his own game. Finally, Mark and Max have a little fun one-on-one competition.

"The Short Game" premieres January 20th, 10/9c on the Esquire Network

Sophie Naturalizes Your Medicine Cabinet

Natural Lifestyle Expert Sophie Uliano returns with ways you can naturalize your medicine cabinet. Sophie gives you a list of natural ingredients that can help you when you have aches, pains, acid reflux, upset stomach, constipation, and diarrhea.

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Seeds 101

Gardening Expert Shirley Bovshow talks about seeds. She recommends going to the agriculture government website and getting your city’s frost update. From there, you should plant your seeds six to eight weeks before the last frost is predicted. Soaking for 24 hours before planning is great for large, wrinkled seeds. Pre-sprouted seeds contribute to a successful growing season.

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