Katherine McNamara Interview

The actress chats with Mark & Cristina about her series, “ShadowHunters,” which premieres on January 12 at 9/8c on ABC Family. The series is based on the best selling books, “Mortal Instruments,” which has a huge following. This year, Katherine got to attend New York Comic-Con, where she witnessed just how devoted the fans are. The actress jokes that as soon as she landed the role, she saw a gigantic spike in her social media presence. Katherine also stays busy attending college, studying Applied Economics and participating in the program. Home & Family makes a donation to GirlUp, which touches Katherine immensely.

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Tamales with Sweet Cranberry Jalapeno Relish - Home & Family

Chef Christy Vega Cooks

Chef and owner of Casa Vega, Christy Vega is back in the kitchen cooking up a Mexican holiday favorite, Tamales! The chef talks about her restaurant’s popularity, explaining that it feels like home to everybody who walks in. Christy says tamales is a dish that brings her families together. Christy points out you can add meat to the tamale for protein and even add berries to make them sweet. She pairs the tamales with a delicious homemade jalapeño relish for an extra kick!

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DIY Tree Skirt - Home & Family

DIY Tree Skirt

Ken Wingard is making his very own tree skirt. He explains that tree skirts hide tree stands and also can add a personal decorative touch. He also points out that if you are on a budget, you can go to the fabric store and get a less expensive material like cotton or wool. Since the tree skirt won’t be disposable, you can pass it down to your children as years go by.

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Ask Kym Douglas

Kym Douglas takes questions from the women of Home & Family and covers everything from straightening hair to adding more sparkle to your make-up.

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Luke Youngblood Interview

The actor talks to Mark and Cristina about his ABC series, “Galavant,” which has its season premiere, January 3rd. Luke explains that the show is a fairytale adventure for viewers of all ages. Luke got his big break on the stage, playing Simba in the London production of “The Lion King,” where he got the opportunity to meet Prince Charles backstage!

Mommy Stocking Stuffers - Home & Family

Mommy Stocking Stuffers

Kristin Smith is back with list of great stocking stuffer ideas for new moms. Cristina shares she loved sentimental presents in her stocking, but Ken digs practical gifts. Meanwhile, Kristin says the gift of relaxation always works for a mom, too.

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Snowflakes Paper Products Line - Home & Family

Snowflakes Paper Products

Hallmark Artist, Kim Pjecha talks about her latest collection that is based on simplicity and elegance. She shows off the paper snowflakes that Cristina absolutely loves. Kim explains that her family inspired her latest line and her decorations are easy to store and put away for next year, as well.

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Gift Giving Etiquette

Owner of Beverly Hills Manners Lisa Gache breaks down gift giving this holiday season. When it comes to presents for an entire family, think about an item that brings everybody together. Gifts for bosses should not be personal or pricey and nothing that touches the skin. Presents for kids should inspire creativity and learning.

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Miracle Fruit Trees - Home & Family

Miracle Fruit Trees

Shirley Bovshow talks about the Miracle Fruit Plant, which produces calorie-free berries that sweeten food. A miracle fruit plant makes for an excellent gift for the gardener in your life. The plant can grow in any region as long as they are indoors. This is a great substitute for those who crave sugary candy after meals. Finally, the miracle fruit plant begins bearing fruit after three years.

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Stylish and Comfortable Holiday Fashion
Lawrence Zarian and Orly Shani team up to give you some stylish and comfortable fashion choices this holiday season. From evening parties to Christmas morning, these two are going to keep you in style all winter long!

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