Alison Sweeney Interview - Home & Family

Alison Sweeney Interview

The actress stops by Home & Family to talk about her third fiction novel, “Opportunity Knocks,” and admits that some of her inspiration comes from real life experience in Hollywood. The main character in her latest book is a makeup artist who works for a talk show. In real life, Alison is the mother of a son and daughter and she encourages her children to live a life without regrets. She is also staying busy starring in and producing the Hallmark Movies & Mysteries franchise, “Murder She Baked.” The newest movie in the series premieres on June 19th!

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Bailee Madison Cooks - Home & Family

Bailee Madison Cooks

The actress is in the kitchen whipping up pan-seared salmon with horseradish sour cream. Before diving in, she talks a little about the upcoming April 17th season premiere of “Good Witch” and brings a sneak peek for Home & Family. Bailee loves cooking with her family and today she is surprised by her pregnant sister, Kaitlin to help her out with cooking. Keep the skin attached to the salmon when cooking, so remember it takes a little longer to grill.

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No Sew Vest

Orly Shani is showing you how to make your very own vest without sewing. All you really need is 1 and 1/2 yards of fabric, scissors and measuring tape. The length of the fabric will dictate how long it will appear when you are trying it on.

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Favorite Kitchen Products for Moms

Kym Douglas is back in the kitchen showing you some of her favorite kitchen products that mothers will love. She introduces Home & Family to a contraption called “Pour Thing” which allows children to pour milk at a controlled pace. She also shows you a product that can lock your ice cream lids and finally, she has pizza scissors that helps measure out slices evenly.

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Brenda Strong Interview - Home & Family

Brenda Strong Interview

Brenda visits Home & Family to talk about playing a meddling mom in the Hallmark Channel Original Movie, “Love By Chance,” which premieres on Saturday at 9/8c. The actress also shares her own personal story of having secondary infertility when she and her husband tried for a second child. After suffering a miscarriage, she started a wellness journey and wanted to help other women out there struggling with infertility and encourage others to share their stories.

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Monte Durham Stops By!

Monte Durham of TLC’s “Say Yes to the Dress,” talks about his show and how he acts as a fairy godmother for underprivileged girls getting ready for prom. Monte grew up poor in Oak Hill, West Virginia and he always wanted to find a way to help give back. The show provides gowns very deserving boys and girls all over the United States so that they can attend their prom. Afterward, he hosts a fashion show featuring three of the girls from the show.

Short Rib Lasagna - Home & Family

Fabio Viviani Cooks

Fabio Viviani is back and joined by his wife and baby boy, Gage to cook up some short rib lasagna in the kitchen. His wife, Ashley, talks about how Fabio is a dream of a father and Fabio admits that he is in love with fatherhood. As he is preparing the dish, he reminds you that if you want your meat to be a little extra earthy, add some tomato paste. When it comes to baking, wait until the top cheese is bubbling before you take it out from the oven. Mark and Cristina even give baby Gage is own Home & Family apron to sport.

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Hallmark's Fairy Garden - Home & Family

Fairy Garden Decor

Hallmark’s Creative Director Mary Gentry introduces Home & Family to the latest line of products that make up a fairy garden. From garden decorations to figurines, Mary has some clever finishing touches that are perfect for a garden.

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DIY VHS Coffee Table

Mark teams up with Matt Iseman to show you how to create your own coffee table using old VHS tapes you have laying around the house. You can decorate the table with the VHS movie boxes for more color and design. The tapes are all held together by a good coat of glue. The finishing touch is a movie poster of your liking.

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