With This Ring

Sam and Cassie are still keeping their engagement a secret from Nick and Grace. Unfortunately, the couple also finds out that their children are still giving each other the silent treatment over Grace’s meddling in Nick’s relationship with Courtney.

Martha and her husband Tom pay Cassie an unexpected visit at her shop. She is on a quest to find Middleton’s most romantic spot, aside from Grey House and the botanical garden. Cassie reminds Martha that romantic destinations cannot just be decided upon; the title has to be earned. Martha says that the town of Middleton has a new brochure being printed out next week so romance is on a bit of a deadline. Martha finds a set of earrings that catches her eye and she tries them on. As soon as she puts them on, Martha’s demeanor towards Tom becomes softer, but when she removes them, it is back to business as usual. Tom offers to buy the earrings for his wife, but Cassie just gives them to him for free. Sam joins Cassie as she pays a visit to her favorite jewelry shop, only to find out the owner, Don, is in the middle of selling the store to retire. As Cassie looks around, Don tells Sam he has some engagement rings if he wants to check them out. Sam is surprised by Don’s hunch that Sam and Cassie were secretly engaged, but Don says he can tell these things by just looking at the couple. Sam promises he will come back to talk to Don without Cassie.

Back at Grey House, Grace discovers Cassie’s pile of jewelry she was trying to give to Don’s shop. Cassie offers it up to Grace, who chooses a pin that represents drama, hoping it will inspire her later that day in class. As soon as she pins it on her shirt, Grace begins reciting Shakespeare flawlessly. Meanwhile, Abigail finds a necklace she thinks would be perfect for a friend going through a hard time.

Martha hits the coffee shop, determined to locate the perfect romantic spot in Middleton. She asks Stephanie where she and Ben go to find romance. Stephanie suggests a nice patch of greenery outside where she often sees couples taking wedding photos. Martha thanks her for the suggestion and takes off to check it out. Abigail stops by to present Stephanie with the necklace she took from Cassie’s collection. Stephanie is hesitant to put it on and places it in her pocket.

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