At Middleton high school, Grace and Sam are passing between classes when Nick asks Grace to proofread his study abroad essay. The process has been a struggle for Nick who just learned that among all the other work the program requires, he must sign a contract, committing him to finish the program. Nick worries that the contract leaves him no easy out if things get tough. And, if he is able to leave early, everyone, including his father, will know he can’t hack it. Grace agrees to proof read the essay and sends Nick on his way. As he walks away another student approaches and points out that Grace is wearing a t-shirt with an image of the Globe Theatre on the front. Katie, it turns out, lived in London with her family for several years. As they talk Grace realizes the two are in the same biology class. Katie tells Grace that she’s been struggling with the course and even failed the last quiz. Sensing an opportunity to reach out, Grace offers to help tutor Katie and the two head off together.

The night of Martha’s party, Greg and Abigail are busy unloading arrangements. As they do, Greg drones on and on about his amazing travels and adventures. He’s so entranced with his stories that Abigail can’t get a word in edgewise. As they work it becomes clear to Abigail that despite his good looks, Greg lacks any charm and is completely self absorbed…even more so than Abigail.

At the bistro, Stephanie and Ben prepare to take the food to Martha’s party. As they pack up the trays, Stephanie tells Ben that she’s decided to move forward with the catering business. What’s more, she’s decided not to bring on Ben’s investor and instead, she’s decided to invest in herself. If she keeps her costs low and uses some of the bistro profits, Stephanie’s sure she can make both businesses work. Ben likes the plan and tells Stephanie that he “loves her when she’s like this.” He then carries a tray outside, leaving Stephanie to wonder what he just said.