True Colors

Sam’s ex-wife Linda is taken aback when Sam cooks a full homemade dinner for her and son Nick. Linda is ready to head back over to Grey House to sleep, but Nick insists she stay at their house.  Sam agrees to one night, but wants to know what Linda has up her sleeve. The next day Linda stops by Cassie’s store looking for help.  She is grateful to Cassie for being there for Nick. She needs a birthday gift for her son, and Cassie hands over a special Chinese scroll to consider. The scroll has a message that reads, “Who wishes to fight must first count the cost.” Linda shares that she will be doing a business takeover in Hong Kong. She is thrilled with the gift and decides to take it for Nick.  Later, Linda gives Nick his gift and he loves it. She reveals that this is not his only gift.

At the Bistro Café, Stephanie confronts Martha about a rumor she has heard- Java Shed is looking to open a competing coffee shop in Middleton. Martha thinks this would be great for the town, while Stephanie is worried the new shop would take away all of her business.

Ryan stops by Bell, Book & Candle with breakfast for Cassie. There are posters up for the 13th anniversary celebration of the store. They share a tender moment, and are about to kiss when Grace and Abigail interrupt them.  Grace looks dismayed, and Abigail asks her if she thinks Ryan and Cassie make a cute couple.

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