Thursday August 13 5:00 PM / 4:00c

Tossing the Bouquet

George asks Nick how the best man speech is coming along and Nick says he is still struggling. When he finds Grace’s speech on her laptop, he sneaks a look, but gets caught! Grace and Nick start bickering and George can’t help but laugh. He says the two are already acting like brother and sister.

Sam finds one of Cassie’s pint-sized guests reading his medical book and begins asking medical questions. Sam loans the little boy his other medical books when he sees he has taken an interest. Cassie overhears the exchange between Sam and the young guest and smiles. Cassie tells Sam she turned one of the guest rooms into a private office for Sam to find peace and quiet when he needs it. For a honeymoon suggestion, Cassie wants to travel far and wide, paying visits to all the loved ones who can’t make the wedding. Sam loves the idea.

The rehearsal dinner begins at the brewery and Brian is surprised when Chaplain Roberts stops by. He breaks the news that both Emma and Brian have to report to Jacksonville, Florida to get ready for deployment. He adds that their deployment destinations will be different and they will both be gone for a year. When it’s clear they have to put their wedding plans on hold until then, Sam and Cassie come up with a solution.