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Tossing the Bouquet

Good Witch 4010
Tossing the Bouquet

Cassie and Sam stop by the Bistro and share small talk with Stephanie, who wants to know more details about the upcoming wedding. Cassie says her friend Olympia is coming in from Chicago, while Sam’s sister is on her way to Middleton, too. But the engaged couple hasn’t decided on a honeymoon destination yet. Cassie gets a moment alone with Stephanie to ask about Liam. Stephanie tells her that after Sam and Cassie’s party, Liam took her home and the two talked until 3am on her porch.

George runs into Martha, who is shopping for Sam and Cassie’s wedding present in the outskirts of Middleton. She spots a construction team putting a bench on the sidewalk and has questions, since as mayor she didn’t okay the bench. The guy informs her she is no longer in Middleton, but is instead in Blairsville. Martha insists the block she is shopping on is part of Middleton and is determined to get to the bottom of the mishap.

Stephanie brings her sister Emma by Cassie’s shop to introduce the two. Emma is getting married in a few months to a fellow Marine and is in town to scout possible wedding locations. Stephanie still looks forward to the day when she can officially meet her future brother-in-law.

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