Tossing the Bouquet

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Good Witch 4010
Tossing the Bouquet

Cassie and Sam stop by the Bistro and share small talk with Stephanie, who wants to know more details about the upcoming wedding. Cassie says her friend Olympia is coming in from Chicago, while Sam’s sister is on her way to Middleton, too. But the engaged couple hasn’t decided on a honeymoon destination yet. Cassie gets a moment alone with Stephanie to ask about Liam. Stephanie tells her that after Sam and Cassie’s party, Liam took her home and the two talked until 3am on her porch.

George runs into Martha, who is shopping for Sam and Cassie’s wedding present in the outskirts of Middleton. She spots a construction team putting a bench on the sidewalk and has questions, since as mayor she didn’t okay the bench. The guy informs her she is no longer in Middleton, but is instead in Blairsville. Martha insists the block she is shopping on is part of Middleton and is determined to get to the bottom of the mishap.

Stephanie brings her sister Emma by Cassie’s shop to introduce the two. Emma is getting married in a few months to a fellow Marine and is in town to scout possible wedding locations. Stephanie still looks forward to the day when she can officially meet her future brother-in-law.

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Back at Grey House, Sam is just realizing how chaotic it can be living in a bed and breakfast. Grace jokes that if you don’t nail your belongings down they will eventually go missing because a guest took them.

Earlier in the week, Cassie drove by a house covered in cyclamen flowers, which are exactly the flowers she wants at her wedding. She goes back to the house disappointed to find that the owner took a weed whacker to all the plants because they were taking over his entire yard.

Abigail is dealing with a pesky tree branch that is covering her business sign. She approaches Martha to get it trimmed. Martha tells her that since councilwoman Melissa Glen retired, Abigail will have to wait for her seat to be filled at the end of the year. Only then will her runaway branch be dealt with. Abigail comes up with a solution: she will step in for the retired councilwoman. To speed up the process even more, Abigail also steps up to the role of president of the city council, so she can get the branch clipped immediately.

Nick is preparing his best man speech and practices it in front of George. Grace walks in on the speech and Nick gets embarrassed and leaves the room. Grace tells George she has her maid of honor speech all planned out, and he jokingly tells her it is not like a book report.

Sam meets with a realtor to get ready for his house listing. She is a bit surprised to hear Sam is just moving next door to Grey House. The realtor also assures Sam that his house should be sold in no time because it has so much space and privacy.

Cassie’s new order of spices come into the shop and Stephanie is sad to see the one ingredient she needs for her recipe missing from the shipment. Emma points out that even without that key ingredient, Stephanie still has all the makings for a different recipe: their grandmother’s famous shrimp ravioli with lemon cream sauce. Cassie also reminds Stephanie that Liam is hosting their rehearsal dinner at the brewery the next night and extends an invite to Emma.

Sam is annoyed to hear his sister can’t make the flight from Asia to Middleton due to her expired passport. He tells Eve he was really looking forward to his sister attending the wedding and now he is just disappointed. Eve wants to know why Sam isn’t heading home since his work is wrapped up and he points out that Grey House is just a little chaotic for his scene.

Martha calls a special meeting with the city council. She wants everybody’s approval to set an order of proclamation in honor of Sam and Cassie to announce at the wedding. Abigail wants to speed along the process, but Martha says they have to wait for Jared to record the vote. Jared finally arrives to the meeting and he brings with him a map of Middleton. Martha hopes that the map will end the conversation of where Middleton begins and Blairsville ends once and for all. Jared points out that the south side of Ridge Pine Drive is part of Middleton, but the north side of the street is part of Blairsville. Martha exclaims that she lives on Ridge Pine Drive… the north side, which also means that Martha technically lives in Blairsville. In result, this means she can no longer be mayor of Middleton. Jared says the rules are set in stone. Martha must hand over her title and gavel. Now that Martha has been stripped of her title as mayor, Abigail is next in line to serve, leaving both women speechless.

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Back at the brewery, Cassie runs into Stephanie, Emma, and Emma’s fiancé Brian. Turns out Brian’s training exercise got canceled, so he was able to sneak away to see Emma and check out where she wants to get married. Liam interrupts the conversation to go over the rehearsal dinner menu with Cassie. Before leaving, Cassie extends a dinner invitation to Emma and Brian.

Cassie stops by the mayor’s office and finds Martha packing up. Martha tearfully explains that because she is no longer mayor, she cannot officiate Cassie and Sam’s wedding. Cassie tells her that her friend Olympia can’t make the wedding because of a family emergency, so maybe Martha can step in and do a reading. Martha scoffs at the idea, saying she won’t be treated like a stand-in, but then changes her mind and agrees.

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George asks Nick how the best man speech is coming along and Nick says he is still struggling. When he finds Grace’s speech on her laptop, he sneaks a look, but gets caught! Grace and Nick start bickering and George can’t help but laugh. He says the two are already acting like brother and sister.

Sam finds one of Cassie’s pint-sized guests reading his medical book and begins asking medical questions. Sam loans the little boy his other medical books when he sees he has taken an interest. Cassie overhears the exchange between Sam and the young guest and smiles. Cassie tells Sam she turned one of the guest rooms into a private office for Sam to find peace and quiet when he needs it. For a honeymoon suggestion, Cassie wants to travel far and wide, paying visits to all the loved ones who can’t make the wedding. Sam loves the idea.

The rehearsal dinner begins at the brewery and Brian is surprised when Chaplain Roberts stops by. He breaks the news that both Emma and Brian have to report to Jacksonville, Florida to get ready for deployment. He adds that their deployment destinations will be different and they will both be gone for a year. When it’s clear they have to put their wedding plans on hold until then, Sam and Cassie come up with a solution.

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Sam and Cassie graciously decide to give their wedding date to Brian and Emma, and Chaplain Roberts officiates. The two tie the knot at Grey House in front of their loved ones and fellow marines. Afterward, the wedding guests head to the Bistro for the reception. Liam gets some alone time with Stephanie and thanks her for the delicious food. She confronts Liam and wants to know the status of their relationship. Liam smiles, and they share their first kiss.

Abigail tells Sam that she is enjoying the role of mayor and her life in Middleton. She also informs Sam that she also put in an offer for a house: his house! He loves the idea.

The party winds down and Abigail goes outside to take in the fresh air. She is surprised to see Phil and asks what he is doing back in Middleton. He tells Abigail that she is all he thinks about and he wants her back. In fact, he invites Abigail to move to Portland with him.

Sam and Cassie decide to discuss when their new wedding date should be. Cassie has the perfect idea: a Halloween wedding!

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