Together We Stand...

At Grey House, visiting guest Brian regains consciousness and is disoriented. Cassie, Sam and Brian’s wife Eve wait nervously for an ambulance, which has not arrived due to the storm conditions.

Downtown, Martha has fallen asleep at her desk. She stayed at the office waiting for the storm to arrive. When she and Derek argue about clearing the roads, Derek notes there are not nearly enough snowplows for Middleton. He wants Martha to call the Blairsville mayor to try to use their equipment and crews.  Martha is hesitant-- she wants to be the star of the storm to save her town. Derek and Martha argue about the emergency options, and Derek reveals a plan that works to the police officers.

Back at the library, Grace, Anthony and Nick are still waiting to be picked up. The snow is falling hard, and Grace tells Anthony she has this bad feeling about Brandon that she just can’t shake.  After some time passes, Nick finally pulls off his headphones and expresses frustration to Grace and Anthony.  He complains about having no internet connection and they tell him maybe he should read instead. He pouts and walks away.

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