Til Death Do Us Part

As Abigail shows Phil the sights of Middleton, they stop in Cassie’s shop and run into Martha, who is in need of advice. She is looking for someone to update the Middleton website to include recent town history. Cassie recommends Martha approach Grace to do the job.

Later that evening Cassie gets a call from Sam, who is in the hospital getting checked out for a muscle strain. Cassie says she will be right over. She finds Liam with Sam, who tried to fix a shingle on Liam’s roof and ended up falling and hitting three baby pine trees on the way down.

Abigail and Phil grab some coffee and go for a stroll through the park. He wants to know more about what made Abigail settle in Middleton after living in New York. He also alludes to the fact he has done some background research on the internet about Abigail. Abigail smiles and says she has done her own research on him too.

Cassie takes Sam home and makes sure the house is all set up for him to just rest. Sam brings up the fact that Cassie was concerned about the wedding when she found out about Sam’s injury; he wants to talk about the upcoming nuptials. However, she is still not ready to discuss the specific details of the big event.

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