The Truth About Lies

Stephanie is at the café when Sam drops by and apologizes for missing their dinner date. Stephanie seems reluctant, but they reschedule for the following evening.

Sam gets a call from Cassie about Grace missing and Nick being gone as well. They work together to try to figure out where the kids might be. Lori is anxiously waiting in the kitchen when Abigail walks in from her hospital visit. Cassie looks up expectantly at her cousin for answers. Outside, Nick is walking Grace home – she thanks him for the favor. He tells her to be careful, that she is a rule follower, not breaker. Grace walks into the house and everyone is relieved to see her. Grace tells them she was studying at the library and that she is sorry to have worried everyone. Sam confronts Nick at home for going out without permission, and he asks Nick if Grace was with him. Nick doesn’t answer and goes to his room.

At Grey House, Grace is holding her dad’s compass. Cassie notices, and the two talk. Grace apologizes for troubling her mom and Cassie kisses her daughter. In the kitchen, Cassie tells Abigail that she fears her cousin is only here to ‘stir the pot.’ Abigail shares that she is doing so in order for things not to boil over. They can’t see eye to eye and Cassie is struggling with Abigail’s influence over her family and friends.

Martha talks to Ryan about a list of potential properties in Middleton to re-develop. Ryan is wary, but Martha seems very gung-ho on giving their town a facelift. Later at the cafe, Ryan tells Cassie about Martha’s plans. Ryan wants another chance to convince Cassie of the merits of the Keating house project. Cassie agrees to cook dinner at Grey house so that they can revisit the subject.

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