The Trouble With Love

The next afternoon, at Bell, Book and Candle, John stops to thank Cassie for helping him appraise his artifact. As they talk, John invites Cassie to a guest lecture by the foremost authority on the Indus Valley Civilization. The opportunity is too good to miss and Cassie jumps at John’s invitation. That night at after the lecture John and Cassie stop off for a quiet dinner for two. John mentions that he’ll be attending a formal faculty event and is still looking for a plus one. Cassie takes the hint and agrees to be his date for this special event.

Back at Sam’s house, Linda and Nick make their way in after visiting a nearby private school. Despite Nick finally adjusting to life at Middleton high school, Linda’s decided that Nick’s in need of a more challenging curriculum. Sam pushes back and tells Linda that her meddling is pushing Nick away. Linda insists she has Nick’s best interests at heart and tells Sam that if Nick wanted her to stop he would speak up. Fed up with arguing, Sam angrily tells Linda to leave Nick alone.

The next day Nick and Sam skip work and school and instead have a father son breakfast at the bistro. Sam asks Nick about Linda’s plan to switch his schools. Nick admits that he went along with the plan because in the end, he knows his mom will get what she wants. Sam tells Nick that his opinion matters too, but Nick is already resigned to his fate. Seeing the look on his son’s face, Sam realizes that Nick’s giving up his own happiness in order to maintain the peace in his family.