Friday August 14 5:00 PM / 4:00c

The Treasure

Martha discovers the original Middleton town charter, and soon learns that it holds clues to the location of a fabled treasure.

Before heading to an event with Donovan, Sam calls Abigail to inform him that Donovan was in a motorcycle accident, so Abigail rushes to his side at the hospital. Dottie puts blame on Abigail for the accident saying this is the curse. Later on, Martha confronts Dottie about having Luke be a spy in the Mayor’s office.

The town celebrates Middleton Founder’s Day. Stephanie launches the food truck at the event, where they debut a new signature sandwich inspired by the both of them. Vincent and Natalie uncover another clue and are brought to the wishing well where they find the treasure—only to realize it’s just a box of sand. Grace talks to Luke and decides to give him a second chance. Vincent and Natalie decide to take his ship out and the two leave town together. Sam finds a key in the town’s charter and the mystery continues.

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