Friday August 14 5:00 PM / 4:00c

The Treasure

Martha discovers the original Middleton town charter, and soon learns that it holds clues to the location of a fabled treasure.

Vincent catches up with Cassie and confesses he misses the sea and being on it. Natalie checks into Grey House--she will be in town documenting the history of the town. Martha asks Vincent to recommend someone to track the potential hidden treasure in town. Vincent volunteers to hunt it down and Natalie offers to tag along and help. He stops by and updates Stephanie, saying he will try to juggle both this and the food truck but it may be difficult. Adam offers to help with the truck as well.

Abigail meets Dottie for lunch. She tells Abigail her past may mess with Donovan’s future in politics. Abigail says she will not be threatened. Vincent and Natalie go searching based on the first clue and find another clue at the sun dial. Cassie comes by the flower shop to warn Abigail about Dottie. Adam tries some food that Stephanie created and says it’s “just okay.” The two decide to face off and create their own Monte Cristo Sandwich, with the winning sandwich included in the truck as the signature dish. Cassie steps in as an impartial judge of the sandwiches. She selects both of them and encourages them to combine the two of them into one epic sandwich. Luke stops by the house to see Sam and the two talk.