Friday August 14 5:00 PM / 4:00c

The Treasure

Martha discovers the original Middleton town charter, and soon learns that it holds clues to the location of a fabled treasure.

Grace is surprised to see Luke at school. Luke lies and says his grades have slipped and he has to go to public school now. Abigail and Cassie tease Sam over his high school yearbook photo. Donovan invites Abigail to a last minute event later that evening. Donavan’s mom texts Abigail and invites her to lunch.

Luke opens up to Grace about his Aunt Dottie and how he was sent to spy on Abigail through Grace. The two argue and Martha confronts him when she comes across a hidden panel in the wall holding the original town charter. Grace rushes home to find Cassie, but finds Sam who listens to what is going on with Luke. Martha calls an emergency town council meeting to show them the town charter.

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