Thursday August 6 5:00 PM / 4:00c

The Storm

At the Bistro Café, Cassie and Ryan talk. Cassie is certain there is a storm coming  and maybe more than one. Sam stops in to pick up some breakfast to go, and Martha gets on her way to prepare for the upcoming storm.  Cassie reaffirms to Sam that the storm is going to hit Middleton, but Sam is more concerned about his ex-wife Linda coming to town.

Grace shadows Brandon at work – being a cop in Middleton can be pretty uneventful. Grace is nevertheless happy to spend the day with her stepbrother.

A couple stops by The Bell, Book and Candle and a pregnant woman, Eve, tells Cassie how much they have felt at home staying at Grey House. Cassie gives her husband Brian a powder to help him with his stomach discomfort.

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