Friday July 24 9:00 AM / 8:00c

The Mandala

Cassie tells Abigail she would like to start teaching and put her art degree to use. Joy arrives, put off by a reminder of a relationship with an ex that seemed cursed. Abigail says, “Welcome to my world,” as her relationship with Donovan literally is cursed.

At the hospital Sam breaks the news to Adam that he has a tumor. His arm falling asleep helped to detect it early. He wants to perform surgery to remove the tumor tomorrow.

Abigail, Joy and Martha investigate the ruby and are happy to find no further cracks, which is reassuring as the curse says, “If true love completely breaks the heart, the curse is sealed and shan’t depart.” Joy notices the 200-year-old music box key fits a hole in the M of the Middleton Medallion on the box. Upon inserting the key, a message is revealed on the box, “A breaking heart can only stop with luck, love and one teardrop.” The riddle gives Abigail hope that the curse can be broken.

Adam tells Stephanie about his surgery the following day. She insists he tell his parents and not go through this alone. He assures her he is not as he has Stephanie.

Joy thinks a cryptologist could help Abigail solve the riddle to break the curse. As they are talking a fine arts professor, Professor Barnes, stops in to buy chocolates for a colleague who is leaving. She asks if they happen to know anyone that could fill in and teach about French Impressionism. Joy and Abigail share a look at they know just the person – Cassie!

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