Friday July 24 9:00 AM / 8:00c

The Loft

Sam finds Cassie planting bulbs and guesses tulips. Cassie is surprised he knew. She also knows things, like by the look on Sam’s face their trip to Chicago is canceled. He is sorry but Dr. Jacobson’s first surgery with the hip robotics system is tomorrow and he has some doubts about the surgeon’s skills. As it is too late to cancel Sam suggests Cassie take someone else. She has a few people in mind.

Donna enters Abigail’s shop, suggesting she can make the space better and would like to bring Joy in to consult on a remodel. Abigail is surprised; Joy never mentioned Donna. She is even more surprised when Donna says this offer is available now or never as she and Joy will be leaving Middleton once they are done remodeling Martha’s historic mansion.

Adam tells Stephanie about his meeting with the mission Pastor about where he will serve. Stephanie sums it up saying his church is on a mission to find Adam a mission. She secretly hopes it is mission impossible as she wants Adam to stay. This comment brings the troublesome wrinkle to Adam’s forehead. He is really leaving. Stephanie cheers him up, saying at least they have a few weeks before he sets off.

Donna arrives at the historic mansion forty minutes late for work. Joy is furious and reiterates this is why they stopped working together. Donna assures Joy that she loves working with her and she’ll come around.

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