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The Loft

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Sam finds Cassie planting bulbs and guesses tulips. Cassie is surprised he knew. She also knows things, like by the look on Sam’s face their trip to Chicago is canceled. He is sorry but Dr. Jacobson’s first surgery with the hip robotics system is tomorrow and he has some doubts about the surgeon’s skills. As it is too late to cancel Sam suggests Cassie take someone else. She has a few people in mind.

Donna enters Abigail’s shop, suggesting she can make the space better and would like to bring Joy in to consult on a remodel. Abigail is surprised; Joy never mentioned Donna. She is even more surprised when Donna says this offer is available now or never as she and Joy will be leaving Middleton once they are done remodeling Martha’s historic mansion.

Adam tells Stephanie about his meeting with the mission Pastor about where he will serve. Stephanie sums it up saying his church is on a mission to find Adam a mission. She secretly hopes it is mission impossible as she wants Adam to stay. This comment brings the troublesome wrinkle to Adam’s forehead. He is really leaving. Stephanie cheers him up, saying at least they have a few weeks before he sets off.

Donna arrives at the historic mansion forty minutes late for work. Joy is furious and reiterates this is why they stopped working together. Donna assures Joy that she loves working with her and she’ll come around.

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At the Bistro Martha is savoring the novel “Secrets We Know” in preparation for their book club meeting. Stephanie tells Martha to quickly devour it because book club is tomorrow. Cassie, Abigail and Joy arrive just in time to give some of their opinions on the book, but Cassie asks them to hold them for book club. Abigail, however, has some thoughts to share on Joy’s business partner, Donna. She does not love Donna’s style on trying to sell her on a remodel. Joy defends Donna, saying Abigail does not know her like she does.

Sam catches up briefly with Dr. Jacobson. He assures Sam he has come a long way since their old days of doing rounds together. He is ready to embrace technology and complete tomorrow’s surgery with the XR machine. Grant enters just in time to sing Dr. Jacobson’s praises. Sam admits he may not be able to sit in to observe due to multiple surgeries, but he’ll try to poke his head in. Grant assures they’ll be okay without him. Sam hopes they will be more than okay.

Martha comes into the historic mansion and finds her wallpaper has not arrived yet. This is a huge problem as it means they are behind schedule. Donna quickly smooths things over by assuring her they are tracking it down, as Martha will want the real thing and not some knock off. Martha finds Donna to be a real spitfire and wonders where she came from.

Cassie receives a delivery at Grey House: a large rock. She studies it with a sad smile. This mystery rock means a lot. Sam finds Cassie with the rock and learns Olympia arranged to have it sent. Cassie admits Olympia got her through a lot. Sam assures Cassie, she always will.

Grant and Adam discuss Adam taking time off to go on a mission. Since Adam cannot give Grant a definitive date on his return, he feels Adam’s replacement needs to be a permanent one. Adam is shocked saying, “You’re firing me?” to which Grant replies, no, “You’re firing you.”

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At Grey House, Donna enjoys a muffin in her pajamas. Cassie tells her Joy made them. Donna cannot believe it as she once used cookies Joy made to prop up a table. After Donna leaves to get dressed, Cassie wonders if things have been smoothed over between the two. Cassie notes that just because she forgives Donna does not mean she will forget what she did. Just then, Joy gets an upsetting message. The wallpaper they need is in Chicago but they only ship once a week. Cassie says they can drive there in two hours. However, Joy is not looking forward to two long hours in a car with Donna.

At Hillcrest Hospital Sam arrives and gets an update on Dr. Jacobson from Grant. Grant says he is doing a clinic that is going well. Sam is pleased and Grant asks if he is being sincere. Sam assures him that unlike Grant, he puts patients first. Sam suddenly gets paged to step into Dr. Jacobson’s surgery. The XR machine is not working and Jacobson cannot complete the surgery. Sam offers to scrub in and help talk Jacobson through surgery.

Abigail and Stephanie commiserate over their love lives as Abigail’s relationship with Donovan is cursed and Adam is leaving on a mission. Stephanie gets a laugh out of Abigail as she acknowledges their love lives are literally a blessing and a curse. As Abigail leaves, Martha enters with a craving for something sweet with a pinch of salt. Donna, right behind her, says you cannot go wrong with salted caramel. As Stephanie grabs Martha a slice, Martha informs Donna of Joy’s connection to an enchanted family, the Merriwicks. Joy has been welcomed with open arms and made herself at home here, which is why Martha is surprised she did not mention Donna.

Later at the book club discussion Stephanie finds Martha still has not finished the book. She does not want the end spoiled so Stephanie advises she should leave before it gets started. This club was Martha’s brainchild, so she does not want to leave. Cassie says no one has to leave as she lays out a delicious spread of crudité. Abigail and Joy arrive ready to discuss. Before they start Donna says a quick hello and helps herself to a large helping of crudité, much to Joy’s embarrassment. Abigail points out what a handful Donna is which upsets Joy. As Joy gets up to leave Cassie stops her pointing out they have all forgotten how to have a laugh and she knows just how to fix that.

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Abigail says they should argue more often as the ladies, including Cassie, Martha, Joy, Stephanie and Donna, arrive at a beautiful Chicago hotel. Abigail asks Donna snidely if the hotel could use a remodel. Donna says, not as much as your flower shop. Joy asks them not to argue and wonders if she and Donna should just grab the wallpaper and drive home. Donna is surprised Joy is calling Middleton home now.

Stephanie gets a bird call on her phone as Chef Byron Bird, master of the modern egg, is hosting a pop up for one night only in Chicago, tonight! The only catch is getting an invite. The first 10 people to bring an egg to a specific location get tickets.

Sam wonders why he is the last to know about Adam’s departure from the hospital as Chaplain. He hopes Grant did not force him out. Adam says he did not, but he does have to evaluate the pros and cons of leaving. Sam can tell Adam is having second thoughts, especially when it comes to Stephanie. Sam gives Adam the same advice he received from Adam last year. “Follow your heart.”

Back in Chicago, Martha and Stephanie have procured an egg and located the drop location. Sadly, they learn the last two tickets were just given away. Meanwhile, at the hotel Joy discovers her bag has been swapped with a random one that contains an old cap. She heads downstairs to see if the hotel can find her bag. Cassie suggests the ladies share a glass of wine and chat. Abigail and Donna share that Joy called them each an acquired taste. Before things get too heated Cassie admits she has something to do in the city and will be leaving soon.

Grant finds Sam at the hospital basketball court. He apologizes to Sam for his brashness and appreciates his helping Dr. Jacobson through surgery. Sam is not letting him off the hook that easy and challenges him to a friendly game.

Cassie grabs a hot dog from a street vendor. She asks for curry powder and is in luck as they vendor shares another customer – Olympia, has her same taste. Cassie says it is more like she has the same taste as Olympia. Cassie senses something and changes her order from one hot dog to three as she turns to find Abigail and Joy have come to keep her company as they were worried about her. Cassie tells them to take their hot dogs and follow her.

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At a tearoom Cassie is greeted by Marguerite. Cassie is so glad they waited for her and Marguerite assures they would not have started without her. Cassie can sense Olympia’s presence in the room. Cassie shares the first lesson she got from Olympia: “There is nothing a cup of tea can’t fix.” The tearoom is dedicated to Olympia with a beautiful plaque that reads Olympia Connelly Fowler. Abigail is shocked. “Olympia was a Connelly!”

Martha and Stephanie grab hot dogs, but Martha is sour; this hot dog is not the meal she planned on eating. She blames their lack of pop-up tickets on a few wrong turns made by Stephanie. All of a sudden Martha and Stephanie spot Chef Byron. As they argue over who should go ask him for tickets, they lose track of him.

Cassie, Abigail and Joy sit and have tea. Abigail learns Olympia was guiding Cassie and that is how she knew the crescent was the traveler’s symbol. Cassie used the information to guide Abigail. Joy realizes she forgot to meet Donna to pick up the wallpaper. Abigail asks if Donna really needs Joy to hold her hand in order to get wallpaper. Joy, upset with the comment, excuses herself. Cassie notes Abigail’s distain for Donna stems from her fear Donna is going to take Joy away.

At the hotel the ladies continue to argue. Martha blames Stephanie for their pop-up misadventure. Donna is upset she had to lug wallpaper across town by herself. Cassie suggests they all sit and pulls out the rock from Olympia. She opens it to reveal stunning stones inside. The reveal illustrates her point they each have beauty inside of them and need to take the time to recognize it. She leads them through an exercise to write down and share the beauty they see in one another. The ladies read the kind things written about them and agree the exercise is just what they needed.

Adam reveals to Sam he got the call for his mission. He leaves next week. Stephanie does not know yet, and Adam wants to tell her in person. Sam says Chicago is not too far away and he’ll drive.

As they lay out appetizers, Stephanie and Cassie get company, Adam and Sam! As Cassie and Sam peel off for some bruschetta, Adam tells Stephanie about his mission. He is heading to South America. Stephanie is touched Adam came all this way to spend his last moments with her. Adam jokes he actually came for deep-dish pizza.

In the hotel lobby Donna tells Joy she has a nice family. Joy says it has been good getting to know them. Suddenly, Chef Byron enters looking for his bag as he was mistakenly given Joy’s. He is happy to swap bags right away as he needed his cap, which is one he has worn since culinary school. Joy sees an opportunity in Chef Byron’s gratitude. When Joy and Donna return to the hotel room, they share with the group tickets to Chef Byron’s pop-up restaurant.

Soon the whole group is seated at the pop-up. Chef Byron introduces his menu as an artistic endeavor which is a sumptuous union of water and earth. After Chef Byron leaves, they remove the covers from their plates to reveal a tiny egg. Sam jokes, “I don’t know if I can finish all this.”

After dinner Donna finds Abigail reading the book club selection, “Secrets We Know.” She is giving it a second chance as she did not like it on the first read. Donna appreciates second chances. Abigail asks how she feels about apologies, as she owes Donna one. Donna says no need, since she knows at times, she can be pushy. Joy is surprised the two are bonding. One thing they all bond over is hunger. Joy orders up some room service.

Meanwhile, Stephanie and Adam enjoy some deep-dish pizza. Stephanie cannot believe he is leaving in a week. Adams takes a selfie of them. Stephanie appreciates it but there is problem. Adam agrees that it’s “not as good as the real thing.” No, the problem is Adam’s selfie taking skills. The photo is blurry.

Before they leave the city, Sam and Cassie enjoy a hot dog, just the way Olympia liked. Cassie admits Olympia liked Sam as well.