Tuesday August 4 5:00 PM / 4:00c

The Grey-cation

Abigail attends dinner at Donovan’s parents’ house. At first, Abigail bonds with Donovan's mother but later at dinner, Donovan's mother expresses concern over Abigail and Donovan's relationship. She even goes so far as to encourage them to break up because the two families are possibly cursed. The two leave abruptly. Donovan tries to calm Abigail's concerns about the curse but they both become alarmed when a painting on the wall suddenly falls to floor.

Sam stops by to see Jacob and introduce himself to a specialist, a former pro hockey player who had a serious injury that he recovered from. He gives hope to Jacob that he too can recover and go back to playing hockey. Adam visits Stephanie at the bistro and tells her that all he thinks about is her and the two kiss.

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