Tuesday August 4 5:00 PM / 4:00c

The Grey-cation

Abigail visits Donovan at the office with a toy for his dog. The two kiss but are surprised when his mom interrupts them. She invites them both to dinner. Donovan warns Abigail that his mother always has a hidden agenda and that it’s "never just dinner.”

Stephanie unexpectantly meets Melanie, Adam’s fiancé, at the Bistro. As Cassie welcomes her guests, Sam is surprised to see Martha and her husband Tom checking in for a Grey-Cation. Jacob, Nick’s friend is injured in his hockey game and won’t be able to play for at least six months, putting his college scholarship in jeopardy.

Sam and Cassie meet Luke when he comes by to pick up Grace for a date. Sam interrogates him and tells him that he expects him to be a gentleman. While on their roller-skating date, Luke receives a call and ominously says to the caller on the other end that he still hasn’t found out anything from Grace. Later on in the date, Luke tries to open up to Grace but changes his mind and invites her to skate some more. On the rink, the two share their first kiss.

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