A Budding Romance

Abigail wants an update from Grace about her meet-up with Nick. Grace says that she would feel more comfortable talking to her mother about it. Abigail agrees that is the right decision and lets Cassie take over. Cassie asks Grace how she really feels about Nick. Grace responds that she looks to Nick like a brother. Grace shares that there is a weird feeling in the air and Cassie says the whole town is feeling the anxiety while waiting for the Merriwick flower to bloom.

Later that night, Grace and Courtney catch-up about their day and Courtney reveals Nick asked her out. Grace thinks they will have a great time, but Courtney says she turned Nick down because she thought Grace liked him. Grace denies liking Nick in that way and gives Courtney \ permission to go out with him. Courtney smiles and says she now needs to tell Nick she has changed her mind. Courtney also tells Grace that two guys from her photography club want to ask Grace out, leaving Grace feeling surprised.

At the café, Sam surprises Cassie with the single rose, but she cuts herself on a thorn. While Sam heads to the kitchen to grab Cassie a napkin, Abigail shows up. She wants to know why she has been feeling so off all day and Cassie doesn’t have an answer.

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