A Budding Romance

The next morning, Cassie, Martha and Grace head to the park to find one of the stems from the Merriwick flower missing. Martha is concerned the flower won’t survive, but she keeps tell herself that everything will be okay.

Back at Abigail’s Flower, Sam’s back for a new bouquet of flowers. Abigail is surprised he is buying yet another bouquet for Cassie, and instead he settles on the romantic sentiment of one single rose.

Nick and Grace are on their walk and she awkwardly tries to deflect when it begins to look like Nick is about to ask her out. She is pleasantly surprised when Nick reveals he wants to know how to ask Courtney out, and assures her it won’t interfere in his and Grace’s friendship. Her advice to Nick is to not overthink asking Courtney out and just go for it.

News travels of the missing stem on the Merriwick flower. Daphne lets Martha know that the cut stem shouldn’t affect the plant permanently. Chief Sanders tells Martha the police will set up their investigation in the conference room of the station so Martha can track their progress minute by minute.