The Dream

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Cassie finds Sam starting his morning with a guitar and coffee. A perfect breakfast, although Sam notes the only thing missing is a blueberry muffin. Cassie smiles as the oven dings. Muffins are ready! As Cassie brings out the muffins, Sam is uneasy about performing surgery today even though he has been doing this forever. Cassie feels it is natural for him to be uneasy because his patient is Adam.

Martha uses real French butter to butter up the representatives from Bois du Frère, hoping they will agree to designate Middleton as their sister city. Martha enlists George’s help to get Middleton fully French-ified for Henri and his attachés.

As Adam is wheeled into surgery Stephanie is by his side. She thinks only Adam could make a hospital gown look cute. Sam, overhearing the comment states Stephanie really does love Adam and gives them a moment alone to say, “I love you.”

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At the hospital Martha searches for a snack from the vending machine to comfort Stephanie. She chats with Cassie about her new teaching job, saying that Professor Nightingale sounds so esteemed. Suddenly the vending machine spits out a rare U.S. centennial quarter, a big find for Martha.

In the hospital waiting room, Stephanie is nervous as no news has come on Adam’s surgery. Abigail, Joy, Cassie, and Martha assure her things are fine. Stephanie realizes she forgot to make the macarons for tonight’s festivities with the town’s French guests from Bois du Frère. However, the ladies have Stephanie covered as the event has been moved from The Bistro to City Hall, taking the event off her plate. Joy offers to grab some coffee for everyone and uses the moment to tell Cassie she had a dream Abigail and Donovan break up and fears it will come true.

Sam approaches with news from Adam’s surgery. Adam did great and Sam was able to remove the whole tumor. Everyone, especially Stephanie, is happy to hear the news.

Meanwhile George has a poker show down with the French visitors, including Henri. They play using cookies as chips. Henri makes a surprise move and wins the hand. George calls Henri “one tough cookie.”

While on campus Cassie notices a student, Sydney, commandeer her classmate Zack’s frisbee. She feels he’ll thank her later as now he has more time to focus on class. Cassie shares a memory of a time in college when her term paper flew out the window to encourage Sydney to loosen up a bit.

As Joy helps Abigail hang a banner of French flags, a flustered Donovan arrives looking for his phone. He left it at Abigail’s overnight and needs it immediately. He gets frustrated when he gets the phone and finds it is dead. He cannot believe Abigail did not charge it. The situation remains tense as Abigail cannot believe they are really fighting over this. She excuses herself to speak privately with Donovan. Joy’s face shows concern that her dream of Abigail and Donovan breaking up may be coming true.

Martha leads their French guests through a feast for the senses as they take in the work of local artists. However, they are not impressed as everything is French-themed and nowhere close to authentic.

Later at Abigail’s, Joy asks if Abigail and Donovan made up. She comes clean about her dream that Donovan and Abigail break up, recounting the couple parting ways under a crescent moon. Abigail is convinced it is the curse and worse yet, there is a crescent moon tonight.

Stephanie is by Adam’s side as he wakes ups from surgery. She tells him he was a total rock star. Sam comes in to give Adam a few brief tests. Sam notices something concerning, when Adam is unable to move his right hand.

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Cassie holds her first class at the museum, breaking students like Sydney out of their comfort zone. She asks Sydney and Zack participate in an experiment in perspective. They each to take turns sitting in the middle of the floor and describe how they feel when sitting alone versus being surrounded by people. Cassie tasks the class with using the rest of the lesson to reflect on their perspective of a French painting of Montmartre. Cassie catches Zack sketching and comments on how good he is. At first, he thinks he is in trouble, as this was not the assignment, but Cassie assures it is a compliment as it shows a point of view.

Continuing on the Tour de Middleton, Martha’s French guests continue to be bombarded with familiar French themes including music and even a mime. Henri pulls Martha aside to remind her they are looking for a sister city, not a twin city. Martha apologies for the faux pas. Henri wants to see more of authentic Middleton, including George.

Abigail tells Donovan about Joy’s dream and expresses the urgent need to find the missing piece to break the curse. They have looked all over and found nothing. Abigail suggests they start from the beginning. They meet Joy at Roderick’s private library to see if they can find more clues and notice a crescent moon symbol is present in a mural on the wall.

Martha asks for George’s secret to impressing their French guests. George suggests Martha change her approach as they want to experience America. He asks Martha if she were in France would she want to eat meatloaf and apple pie?

Sam checks in on Adam. All Adam can think about are things he does with his right hand, like holding a toothbrush. Not being able to move his arm was not a result Adam planned on. Stephanie interrupts with a surprise to lighten the mood, peanut butter cheese crackers! Adam is no mood to share his crackers with Sam, but he’ll share with Stephanie.

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George arrives at the hospital to pick up an iPad. Samantha offers to help him, and George not only finds the iPad, but discovers sparks of excitement with Samantha.

Martha tells Joy they need to overhaul the dinner for their French guests as the theme, France, is a sure swing and miss. Joy is concerned dumping their whole theme is risky. Martha says sometimes you have to break up to make up, sparking an idea for Joy.

Meanwhile on campus George finds Cassie and delivers her iPad. He also has an apple for the teacher. Cassie gives him an A for effort and feels Samantha would also give George an “A.” George had a feeling Cassie was behind their meeting. He admits Samantha seems sweet but also a little sassy. Cassie says that sounds like someone else she knows – George. George has not asked someone out in a long time and is not quite sure how to woo someone. Cassie says he does not have to woo. “Just be you.”

Sam checks on Stephanie and asks if she is okay as Adam’s situation is not easy. He assures her being by Adam’s side is helping the healing process.

Sydney visits Cassie’s office, concerned about the grade she got on the class assignment. She felt her paper was well researched. Cassie explains Sydney’s paper lacked a point of view; sometimes you have to close the book and look at what is in front of you. The point is echoed as Zack enters to get his frisbee and thanks Cassie for the grade he earned for his sketch of Sydney.

Highlights - The Breakup - Good Witch

Donovan reads that a crescent moon represents creativity, wisdom and intuition. The appearance of a crescent moon in a dream, Abigail reads, signifies a hidden or mysterious aspect. None of this helps the search for the missing piece to the curse. Joy arrives with a new perspective: Abigail and Donovan need to break up, as that is their only chance of being together.

Stephanie takes Adam’s right hand in hers as he sleeps. Suddenly, he gives her hand a squeeze. Adam can move his right arm again!

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George runs into Samantha again at the hospital snack machine. He asks what snack she’d suggest. Her advice is, “Go with your gut.” George does just that and ends up picking her favorite treat. George hands her the snack saying, “I guess this belongs to you.” Samantha is up for sharing but George abruptly has to go.

Sydney follows up with Cassie at her office as she took another look at the painting from class and discovered her own point of view. Just then Zack’s frisbee flies her way. She catches it and instead of taking it throws it back. Zack is happily surprised and says they could always use another player. Sydney accepts the initiation. Lesson learned.

Joy tries to convince Abigail of her breakup theory as they set up Middleton’s soiree for Bois du Frère. Abigail feels the curse is influencing Joy to drive her and Donovan apart. As they debate relationships, they are running out of time to prepare for the party. Joy feels there is not time to get it done. However, Abigail has an idea.

Martha’s leads their French guests to The Bistro to find the true Middleton in a star-spangled soiree. It is time to munch and mingle with American classics such as hot wings, mac and cheese bites and more. Martha has Abigail and Joy to thank.

Highlights - Travelers - Good Witch

Later in the evening Abigail and Donovan approach Cassie and Sam. They show them a picture of the wagon they found with a crescent moon, adding that Roderick’s study had a mural featuring the same symbol. Cassie recognizes the wagon as a Traveler’s wagon. They were known for curses, possibly indicating Roderick must have had help in the curse he placed on Ruth. If a traveler helped cast the curse a traveler needs to help break it. They’ll need to find a family that is represented by the crescent moon.

As the Bois du Frère visitors enjoy the party, Abigail considers Joy’s idea of breaking up as the crescent moon shines down on her and Donovan. However, she changes her mind and suggests they enjoy corn dogs instead.

George approaches Samantha at the party. Samantha wonders if he’ll run away again. He admits he has got his sea legs back and courage to chat. Samantha has not been on a boat in a while herself. George says they should go sailing together. Samantha proposes they start with sliders.

Highlights - Band Back Together - Good Witch

Stephanie thanks Sam for his help with Adam. Martha approaches as she needs some musical help. Cassie suggests Sam and Stephanie team up as he can play the guitar and Stephanie’s voice is amazing. Stephanie is not prepared but gets some courage from Adam. Cassie has him video-conferenced in on her iPad. He wanted a front row seat to watch her perform.

Henri awards Martha the key to Bois du Frère as they would like to be Middleton’s sister city. Middleton is honored; however, Martha does not have a gift to present to their guests. Cassie helps Martha out as she has placed the bicentennial coin Martha found in the vending machine in a beautiful box. Martha thanks Cassie for the save. The coin is the perfect token of their appreciation for Henri.

Sam and Stephanie are welcomed to the stage and perform, rounding out a long day with a wonderful song to end the night.

However, things take a turn later at Martha’s office where Abigail and Donovan find the heart of Middleton is rapidly cracking. At the end of the night, Joy finds a sad Abigail at Grey House. She comforts her with ice cream after learning Abigail and Donovan have broken up to try and stop the curse.