Sunday May 31 9:00 PM / 8:00c
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The Clock

Cassie, Abigail and Joy say “cheers” to family over tea. Cassie admits she knew the whole time that Joy was a Merriwick as they have a certain energy. Abigail wonders if Joy will stick around. Joy does have a house to renovate – Martha’s new mansion. Cassie adds she also has family to get to know better.

Martha finds her new house to be a veritable treasure trove. She spots a beautiful and rare clock that is missing a face. She asks Joy how to get the clock fixed and on her shelf. Joy finds it may be impossible to find a clock face to fit. Martha suggests enlisting Cassie’s help as she is a Merriwick and Merriwicks have a knack for making the impossible, possible.

On his way to work Sam notices his watch has stopped working. Cassie says it may be time for a new battery. Sam thinks it’s time for a new watch. Cassie will miss the watch as Sam was wearing it the night they met.

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