The Clock

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Cassie, Abigail and Joy say “cheers” to family over tea. Cassie admits she knew the whole time that Joy was a Merriwick as they have a certain energy. Abigail wonders if Joy will stick around. Joy does have a house to renovate – Martha’s new mansion. Cassie adds she also has family to get to know better.

Martha finds her new house to be a veritable treasure trove. She spots a beautiful and rare clock that is missing a face. She asks Joy how to get the clock fixed and on her shelf. Joy finds it may be impossible to find a clock face to fit. Martha suggests enlisting Cassie’s help as she is a Merriwick and Merriwicks have a knack for making the impossible, possible.

On his way to work Sam notices his watch has stopped working. Cassie says it may be time for a new battery. Sam thinks it’s time for a new watch. Cassie will miss the watch as Sam was wearing it the night they met.

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Donovan must cancel his plans with Abigail to finish a speech. He was looking forward to their outing and even made a playlist for the road with “their” song on it. Abigail asks, “We have a song?” to which Donovan replies, “Don’t we?” He assures Abigail she’ll remember it and gives her a rain check and a kiss.

Later, Merriwick powers unite at Grey House as Joy joins Cassie and Abigail on a trip to an estate sale. Joy hopes to find a clock face for Martha’s antique and offers to drive them all in her truck.

Martha enjoys lunch with a sorority sister, Simone. As they share memories of fun times past, Simone, a high-profile publisher, asks Martha if she’d ever consider writing a book. Martha laughs off the idea saying it would be a “hoot.” Simone, still serious about the offer, has no doubt it would be.

Sam finds his knee surgery patient, Darryl, playing a game with Adam. They have placed a bet. If Adam wins the game, Darryl has to take a walk down the hall to help rehab his knee. If Darryl wins, he gets a deep-dish pizza. Darryl wins this gamble, but Sam requests he not gamble on his knee getting better without starting rehab.

At the Grey House kitchen Cassie takes fresh cookies out of the oven just as George enters and puts on his old Air Force cap. Cassie asks about the occasion and learns George is reuniting with an old Air Force buddy, Harry. He grabs two cookies to go. Cassie asks if one is for his for Harry. He responds no, they are both for him.

Stephanie is surprised to see her ex-husband, Wes, at the bistro. He is in town to talk about selling their cabin. Things become awkward as Adam arrives forcing Stephanie to introduce her ex-husband to her new boyfriend.

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Abigail finds the estate sale is just a garage sale with a fancy name. Joy spots exactly what she is looking for – an antique clock with the face intact. Unfortunately, she spotted the clock too late as it has already been sold. Joy finds the buyer, Carter, and tries to buy of the clock off him. Unfortunately, Carter is not selling.

Martha has an over the top book cover photoshoot with lights, music, fans and even craft services, a la lunch from Stephanie. Before Martha gets too carried away, Stephanie wonders if she has even written the book.

Sam’s carpel tunnel patient Laura finds it hard to part with her dog, Lucky, before surgery. Just as she tries to secure Lucky in his crate he escapes down the hall. Laura is surprised to find Lucky with Darryl, her ex-husband. Sam is happy to see Lucky was able to get Darryl out of bed and walking.

Stephanie brings Adam some pecan pie. When he tries to pick up his fork, it drops immediately as his hand is falling asleep. Stephanie gives his hand a quick rub to wake it up as she asks Adam for his blessing to meet Wes at the cabin to review it for sale. Just then, Martha pops by to get a blurb for her book. However, there’s just one thing: it has not been written yet.

During lunch at a BBQ joint, Joy cannot believe Carter refused to sell her the clock. She hopes onion rings can cure her sadness but much to her surprise she finds Carter there. Joy challenges him to a game of darts. If she wins, he’ll give her the clock. If she loses, he gets her truck.

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Cassie and Abigail watch Joy throw darts knowing what is on the line. Cassie hopes she is only playing darts and not games with Carter. Abigail tries to remember her song with Donovan. Cassie suggests she tries the jukebox, F7. Abigail finds F7 is Elvis Presley’s Blue Suede Shoes.

Meanwhile, Martha begins to dictate her memoir and finds it difficult to choose a place to start.

Back at the BBQ joint, Joy throws her last dart and it is a bullseye. However, Abigail and Cassie realize Joy is playing the game with an unfair advantage. Suddenly, Joy’s dart falls off the board. She has lost her truck.

George wants to donate a kidney to his friend Harry and asks for Sam’s help. Sam applauds his kindness and will figure out next steps including first testing if George’s kidney would be a match for Harry.

Stephanie and Wes work on clearing out the cabin. They are having such a good time remembering their time together prompting Wes to admit he does not know why they got divorced. Stephanie says they were just kids and eventually wanted different things.

Joy does not understand why her bullseye did not stick. She has no clock, no truck and no way home. Abigail says they can drive home and points to Joy’s truck with a letter on it from Carter stating, “Did you really think I’d take your truck”?

Abigail finds Donovan at his office trying to break his writer’s block. She has the solution, music! Donovan sees she is trying to figure out “their” song. He does not give away any clues.

As George and Harry enjoy some of Cassie’s cookies Sam breaks the news that George’s kidney is not a match. George is saddened. Cassie assures Harry that good things happen just when you think they won’t. Suddenly, Harry’s phone rings and he answers and learns his doctor has found a match for his kidney transplant.

Stephanie and Wes finish up at the cabin. Wes seemingly wants things to go back to the way they were; it is clear he misses being with Stephanie. However, Stephanie insists they say their goodbyes. Wes asks one favor. He does not want another 10 years to pass before they see each other again.

Sam thinks about starting an emotional support animal program at the hospital after seeing Darryl’s progress improve with the appearance of his dog Lucky. Cassie gifts Sam with a watch she bought at the estate sale.

Abigail helps Donovan type up his speech. The computer screen goes blank and he tells her to press F7 to restart it. This reminds Abigail of the jukebox song tied to F7, Blue Suede Shoes. Donovan is shocked by the mention as that is his father’s favorite song. It annoyed the family on trips to the lake, but they all sang along with him anyway. The memory inspires a theme for his speech. Just as he starts to type it begins to rain.

Sam finds Darryl and Laura at the hospital together. Laura was heading out, but Lucky wanted to spend time with Darryl. Darryl spots Sam’s watch and shares Laura got him one just like it, but it was lost with luggage. Laura admits the loss of the watch proved their love was not timeless. Coincidentally, the engraving on Sam’s watch matches what Laura inscribed on the watch for Darryl. Sams gives the watch to its rightful owner.

Abigail finds a deflated Joy and can tell she is used to doing things her own way. Joy said it comes from being on her own. Abigail reminds her she is a part of a family now that will look out for her as that’s how Merriwicks roll.

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Martha is about to share a passage from her memoir with Cassie. Joy interrupts to let Martha know that she was unable to get a new clock face. Martha tells her not to worry about it and proceeds with the reading. Martha’s passage is clearly fictional. Joy questions her on it and Martha admits her real-life did not leap off the page so she made an executive decision to add a little embellishment. Joy imparts some Merriwick family philosophy saying Martha did not do what she needed to do, she did what she wanted to do. Martha counters how Joy would know as she is not a Merriwick only to learn the happy news that Joy is indeed a member of the family.

Harry cannot express his appreciation for George’s willingness to help him. One thing that always bothered Harry is the fact that George saved his life, but he ended up with a medal. He gives George his Purple Heart, saying it would mean the world to him if George would keep it.

Donovan and Abigail enjoy drinks at the BBQ Joint. He tries to play “their” song on the jukebox. Abigail names the song, Just the Way You Are. She remembered it playing during one of their trips to the lake. Just then the song plays on the jukebox and they dance to it together.

Adam picks up Stephanie at the bistro. He asks if everything is all set with the cabin. She admits she had a few doubts but feels she made the right decision. Adam makes a confession. He was a little jealous of Stephanie being at the cabin with Wes.

Cassie notices Sam’s watch is missing. He tells her the watch made its way home. However, Cassie has him covered as she got his broken watch fixed. She also added an inscription, “Our Love is Timeless.”