The Chocolates

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Cassie is making chocolate baked goods and confections in preparation for Abigail’s chocolate exhibition. She suggests Sam take some chocolate lollipops to his new chief administrator. Sam wonders if she is trying to get him to butter up his new boss.

Donovan is surprised to run into Abigail on his way to search Priscilla Connelly’s property as they agreed he would do the initial search alone. Abigail did not want to just sit around and wait. Instead of arguing over who was supposed to do what she suggests they go ahead and start the search. Just as Donovan tells Abigail how stubborn she is he quickly pivots and pulls her out of the way of a falling rock. Abigail was nearly smashed. This is why Donovan was supposed to come alone and exclaims, “That is why we broke up.”

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Cassie is baking a batch of Great Grandma Laurel’s Chocolate Cupcakes as Joy enters the kitchen. After a taste of the cupcake batter Joy wonders what other Merriwick magic exists in the recipe book. Abigail notes the Truth Chocolates, which she has not made since college. Joy wonders if these chocolates force you to tell the truth. If so, they should give them to Confectionary Committee of Small Shop Owners to see what they really think of Abigail’s. Cassie shares Liz Merriwick had the same thought. When Thomas Hillcrest never proposed she gave him a batch to learn his true intentions. She found the truth will set you free. Cassie thinks it would be best not to make Truth Chocolates and stick to cupcakes.

The self-pronounced chocolate king, Kenny Cooper, arrives at Grey House as he is the keynote speaker for the chocolate exhibition. Kenny introduces himself and Cassie notes she met his father briefly when he visited Grey House. His visit made a lasting impression. Kenny agrees, since you always knew when he walked into a room. Abigail chimes in, “Like father, like son.”

At The Bistro, Stephanie catches Adam eating chocolate for breakfast, which is out of character for him. Adam feels lucky to be alive and is making the most out of life. On top of that he feels like he should be doing more. Sam and Donovan arrive and join Adam briefly. Sam and Adam can tell Donovan is a bit down and invite him, or rather force him, to join them as they are going bowling tonight.

Joy’s business partner Donna arrives at Grey House. They argue as to why their partnership does not work and Donna presents her with documents to sign in order to make their split official. She is dissolving their company. Joy insists on reviewing the documents before signing off.

Sam introduces himself to the new Chief Hospital Administrator, Grant. Grant is confident they can do better and even reveals to Sam he has already purchased a new robotics system to help with hip surgeries. Sam is impressed and shakes Grant’s hand saying, “Welcome aboard.”

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George needs a little extra zip at breakfast for his bowling league finals. However, he is concerned as their team needs a sub. Martha overhears this and admits she has clipped a few pins. Cassie says she is being modest as Martha has several bowling trophies. George asks Martha to be their fourth player. Martha declines as her relationship with the lanes are complicated.

Abigail gets a visit from Jason, an old friend from college. He wonders if she is available. Seems Jason is right on time as she is newly single.

Cassie offers Donna some hot chocolate. Joy, having known Donna forever, says she won’t drink it unless there are tiny marshmallows in it. Joy heads off to finish reviewing the documents. As Joy exits Cassie says Donna should tell Joy the truth. Donna is caught off guard until Cassie follows it up by saying, “That you would drink the hot chocolate without the mini marshmallows.”

Cassie runs into Abigail and Jason at the Bistro. Abigail says Jason came to propose to her as the two made a pact that if they were still single in 15 years, they would get married. Jason looks like he is ready to make good on this pact.

Sam is surprised to see Dr. Jacobson, another orthopedic surgeon, at the hospital with Grant. Sam asks for a word alone with Grant. In private he expresses concern over how Jacobson would fit on the team. Why Grant is hiring new doctors for Sam’s department?

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Kenny tries one of the chocolate cupcakes from Laurel Merriwick’s recipe. Joy warns it just may be the best chocolate cupcake he will ever have. The cupcake is so ridiculously good he asks Cassie if she would share the recipe. Merriwicks take their baked goods seriously and promised to guard this secret recipe. Kenny understands as his father was the same way about the Cooper family chocolate recipe. Kenny questions if he has done enough for his family legacy. After Kenny leaves the kitchen Cassie confronts Joy about the chocolate. She can tell Joy made some Truth Chocolates. Joy hopes Cassie is not too mad. Cassie is not mad but is curious about what is going on between her and Donna. She overheard their contentious catch up earlier. Joy says what Cassie did not hear was Donna tell the truth. Cassie wonders if Joy should give Donna some time to come forward. Joy would rather give her one of the truth chocolates. “The easy way is not always the right way,” Cassie warns.

Martha shows George her impressive collection of items from her bowling days including her shoes, ball and trophies. Martha admits she had to give up the game as a perfect score eluded her and made her life a 7/10 split. George laughs at how seriously she takes the game and reminds her it is supposed to be fun. Martha insists she knows how to have fun. George says prove it by joining them for a bowling match at 6pm.

Abigail is not surprised when Cassie arrives to find out if she is going to accept Jason’s proposal. Abigail admits she gave Jason a batch of chocolates back in college to get over a bad breakup. This led to them promising each other that in 15 years if they are still single, they’ll get married. Cassie presses Abigail to tell Jason the truth as the idea she planted 15 years ago seems to have stuck and he is not over her.

Adam tells Stephanie how he would like to start doing more with his life. He is thinking of going on a mission trip. He is not sure where, but he senses he is being called. Stephanie wonders if he has to answer. Adam does not want to leave Stephanie, but a wrinkle in his forehand alerts her this is something he is strongly considering. Adam asks if Stephanie would go with him.

Sam is putting a lot of effort into polishing his car. Cassie comments it’s a lot of work. Sam says, “Not as much work as dealing with Grant.” They were off to a great start until he stepped on his toes and started making decisions around Sam’s surgical staff. Cassie thinks Sam should continue to give Grant a chance to hear him out. Maybe brushing up on his basketball skills may help.

Kenny finds himself alone in the Grey House kitchen with the Merriwick recipe book and rips out the page with the chocolate cupcake recipe. Cassie catches him and admits she has reconsidered sharing the family recipe with Kenny as her grandmother would want him to have it. She moves to open the book to pull it out, but Kenny tells her no need as he would not feel right taking it. Cassie questions him, asking, “Are you sure about that?”

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Stephanie finds Adam dribbling away at the gym. She is open and challenges him to play. She grabs the ball and takes a shot. It goes in! Adam scoops her into a congratulatory hug. Stephanie and Adam agree Stephanie is not in a position to leave Middleton. Stephanie wonders when Adam will leave, and more importantly, will he come back?

Joy pulls her Truth Chocolates out the fridge as Donna enters the kitchen. Joy also pulls out signed papers to dissolve the business. Donna takes the papers and tries to take a chocolate, but Joy stops her saying it is a bad batch. Donna admits she lied to one of their clients and to Joy. Joy is glad she was finally able to get the truth.

Cassie finds Kenny working on his keynote speech in the Grey House Library. Cassie shares his father liked to sit in the library as well. She pulls out a signed photo of Kenny’s dad and recounts him telling her the autograph she will really want is his son’s. Cassie feels watching Kenny at the chocolate exhibition will be like watching his dad.

Sam is unable to secure a lane for him and the boys as it is league night at the bowling alley. They find themselves playing trivia instead of bowling. They name themselves Mount Cleverest and come close to winning. The final question is: what bird is closely associated with the moon? Adam shouts “owl” but the answer is actually a dove. The answer has Donovan thinking about the dove coat he saw on the Connelly property. It could be tied to the curse.

Jason arrives at Abigail’s apartment with her favorite meatball sandwich and cookie. Abigail is really glad Jason is here. Jason feels they are perfect together.

Meanwhile, back at the bowling alley Martha is close to a perfect score. She fears as she approaches the last frame, she won’t be able to do it. George coaches her as everyone looks on, including Sam, Donovan and Adam. Just as Martha is going to roll the power goes out.

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As Donna is about to head out with the paperwork to dissolve their company, she and Joy remember what a great team they made before Donna screwed it all up. Joy asks to take one more look at the paperwork. Donna hands it to her. Joy tears it up and asks Donna if she wants a job.

Martha is under unbearable pressure as she fears history will keep repeating itself until she captures that elusive 12th strike. Problem is, perfection is unattainable. Cassie says she sounds like she has got nothing to lose by trying. Martha says it sounds like Cassie is out of advice. However, Cassie says she may have one more trick up her sleeve.

Jason asks why Abigail and Donovan broke up. He wonders if she feels there is a reason they are both single right now. Abigail gives Jason a Truth Chocolate. He immediately realizes Abigail does not want to get married. And come to think of it, neither does he. They are perfect together - as friends.

Martha takes a shot at a lucky strike at the bowling alley alone with Cassie. Martha finds she cannot roll the ball like this as the experience is so different without the pressure and the crowds.

At the chocolate exhibition Abigail introduces Chocolate King and Keynote speaker Kenny Cooper. Just before Kenny takes to the podium, he bites into a Truth Chocolate. While addressing the crowd he admits he cannot rule the Cooper chocolate kingdom like his father. He no longer feels shame in asking for help. But he does feel like there is shame when you take something that is not yours. After he wraps up, he asks Cassie what was in the chocolates she gave him. She simply says, “Vanilla.”

Sam finds Grant at the hospital basketball court. He admits Grant has great ideas but not a great feel for people. He is playing fast, not smart. Grant says at least he is not sitting on the bench and tells Sam not to get in his way.

Before Kenny checks out, he admits to Cassie he stole the cupcake recipe. He thought it could help him revive Cooper’s Chocolates. Cassie assures him the guy who gave the keynote speech at the chocolate exhibition can turn the company around on his own. Kenny now understands why his father loved Grey House so much.

Joy shows Donna the historic mansion she is renovating. Donna is onboard to help with the renovation. Joy promised the owner they would be done in three weeks. Donna agrees to help Joy keep that promise.

After hours at The Bistro Stephanie admits how much she is going to miss Adam. He tells her, “I love you.” Stephanie says, “Not as much as I love you,” and gives him a kiss.

At the bowling alley full of fans, Martha approaches the lane. She is ready to try to get her perfect score. She rolls and all the pins fall except for one that wobbles for a while before falling. Finally, she has reached perfection.

Sam finishes off a chocolate cupcake as he tells Cassie that Grant is still not listening to him. Cassie says she will keep making cupcakes until he does. Cassie gives Sam a kiss as Donovan arrives and announces he cracked the code. Abigail enters in time to hear the news. Donovan states the other half of the cipher lead to the following message, “hidden in plain sight.” Unfortunately, neither of them has a clue what that means.