The Anniversary

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Cassie helps Sam find his tie, pager and one more thing he forgot: an Anniversary kiss! The kiss is just the start as Cassie has made a nice French toast spread to celebrate. She uses the meal as an opportunity to give Sam his gift. One year of marriage is the paper anniversary so Cassie has gotten Paul McCartney’s “Baby I’m Amazed” original handwritten lyrics for Sam.

At the flower shop Martha asks for Abigail’s help with a grand bouquet that makes a statement, flowers that will show off her personality. As she is a jetsetter and influencer, Abigail recommends electric fuchsia flowers. Martha agrees they will be perfect for Roderick Davenport’s former home, which soon will be her Mayor’s mansion. Abigail wonders why Martha would be interested in the place tied to the curse that is straining her relationship with Donovan.

Meanwhile, Cassie shows a new guest, Joy, to her room at Grey House. She has arrived for a particular purpose, a job she intends to secure. Joy does not want to go into much detail as she does not want to jinx it. Cassie finds Joy curious and offers to make her some pancakes. After Cassie leaves the room to get a batch started, Joy pulls out a journal. It’s nothing out of the ordinary until she removes a paper that has the Merriwicks listed – Cassie, Grace, and even Sam.

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At the Mayor’s office, Martha allows the music box to play for Sam and Cassie as she explains the box has a surprise twist. An emerald pops out from the box revealing three hidden spaces for three large gems. The emerald makes one, however, two other gems are missing. Cassie believes the box disappeared around the same time William Spry gave Patience Merrwick the heart of Middleton ruby. Cassie pulls out the ruby and places it in the box - a perfect fit. Sam wonders aloud if the last missing jewel is a diamond.

Abigail walks into Donovan’s office with Chinese food. He wraps up a call saying his most important meeting is about to start. Abigail’s favorite part of eating Chinese food is the fortune cookie. She opens that first and prompts Donovan to do the same. After she reads her fortune, she is no longer in a good mood. Abigail tells Donovan she already knows what his fortune says. Donovan reads it aloud anyway and the outlook is not sunny as it says, “Your heart will break.”

Stephanie and Lisa are flying through bread at the Bistro Café food truck. Lisa thinks about changing bread vendors to reduce costs. She is also upping the price of the Monte Cristo to make a profit. Stephanie is concerned but Lisa assures her they need to capitalize on the moment the truck is having. Stephanie applauds Lisa’s ambition but is hesitant to make major changes as the business is not about one moment; it is about many quality moments.

Highlights – Joy – Good Witch

Cassie catches Joy taking photos at Grey House. As they chat, Joy discreetly records their conversation. Cassie admits it took some work to get Grey House to the where it is today, but it’s been in her family for generations. Joy guesses the Nightingales, but Cassie gently corrects her saying the Merriwicks. Joy can see her roots run deep here. Cassie asks about Joy’s family. Joy’s mom died when she was 17. Cassie knows it must be hard to have lost her family in which a way; her parents also died in a car accident. Joy is caught off guard as she did not mention a car accident.

Martha is making herself at home in Roderick Davenport’s mansion and is already thinking of how she will decorate. She pictures a large antique mirror with baroque details on the wall. However, Vandercleef warns Martha is getting ahead of herself. How so? Dotty Davenport appears on the steps and informs Martha they are in a bidding war for the house.

Stephanie catches Cassie with a smile on her face as she just got a text from Grace, who is loving it at college. Cassie can immediately tell things are not so golden for Stephanie’s food truck endeavor with Lisa. Cassie reminds Stephanie that Lisa is her partner. Stephanie was hoping for a silent partner. Cassie advises trying things Lisa’s way may not be such a bad idea.

Sam asks for Adam’s help with Cassie’s anniversary gift. He shows Adam the beautiful sapphire bracelet he bought for Cassie. Adam thinks it’s nice but definitely not as nice as the handwritten Paul McCartney lyrics Sam got. Sam is well aware and just wanted a second opinion. Adam knows Cassie will love anything from Sam. However, Sam wants something better than Paul McCartney for Cassie.

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Cassie goes through a collection of Victor Hugo novels she just received for the store. Abigail enters and asks if she has ever heard of a misfortune cookie and shares the heartbreaking fortune she and Donovan got over egg rolls. Cassie wonders if she thinks it’s the curse and reminds Abigail not every stubbed toe is the curse. The road of their relationship may rocky, but the key is for them to find joy in the journey. Just then Cassie finds an old library book in her collection that definitely does not belong and is nearly 20 years overdue.

Stephanie tells Lisa as partners their ideas should be equal. Lisa’s ideas are as good as Stephanie’s. They agree to try things Lisa’s way and in a week reassess what is working and what is not.

At the flower shop Abigail finishes an arrangement as Joy enters. Joy has a photo of Abigail on her phone and has clearly found her target. As she did with Cassie, Joy secretly records their conversation. She asks for help finding chocolate. She did not expect to find a chocolate shop in a small town like this. Abigail states Middleton is not just any small town. Abigail gives Joy a sample. Before indulging Joy says raspberry is not really her thing. Abigail is a little taken aback Joy guessed the flavor accurately and says, “Good guess.” Joy says, “You can call it that.”

Sam returns the bracelet he was planning to give Cassie and tries to think what gift would make Cassie happy.

Joy stops by Martha’s office to apply for the job of redecorating her new historic home. Martha says unfortunately, she has not gotten the house. Joy does not quit that easily, telling Martha there is no “e” at the end of décor. Martha is shocked that Joy knew she was writing a letter in a last effort bid for the house. Martha’s interest in Joy is piqued and invites Joy to help her with the letter.

Abigail finds Donovan at the library. He did a search on their fortune cookie message and found it matched text found in the Charles Dickens book, “Great Expectations.” Oddly enough, the book is missing from the shelf. However, Abigail helps him out, producing the book. It was the one Cassie found at the bookstore. Donovan takes a look and finds it has been stamped with the Davenport family crest.

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Highlights – Nick’s Home – Good Witch

Sam and Cassie use their pasta maker to make their anniversary dinner. They receive a nice surprise as Cassie announces Nick is home and he has a new girlfriend. Nick says he is really happy with Stella, whom he has been dating for three months. Sam, thinking about Cassie, says “I know the feeling.”

Donovan and Abigail ask Dotty to take a look at the book they found. Dotty says this isn’t good: the book is very overdue, and the fine will be exorbitant. Donovan does not appreciate the humor; he wants to know why the book has the family crest. Dotty surmises it was from Roderick Davenport’s private collection as he was a voracious reader who lived alone after Patience Merriwick broke his heart. Abigail and Donovan feel the fortune cookie is leading them to Roderick’s house. Dotty says, “You mean my house.” Abigail thought Martha bought that house. Dotty retorts, “So did she.”

Back at Grey House, Joy finds Elizabeth Merriwick’s teapot. George finds her admiring it and explains it was part of Elizabeth’s wedding day silver. Joy asks how George found his way to Cassie and Grey House. Simply put fate brought them together. He tells Joy if she has any questions he is always around.

Stephanie and Adam try out the Bistro Café food truck’s “new” Monte Cristo, with all of Lisa’s changes. The verdict is not good. Their Monte Cristo is not their Monte Cristo anymore and customers are not happy. Adams wonders why Stephanie let Lisa change it. He does not want to admit it, but he thinks Stephanie has a problem on her hands.

Martha reviews her letter to Mr. Vandercleef just in time for Dotty to listen. Dotty gives her a round of applause but warns Martha can make things easier by just conceding as she is sure Vandercleef will choose the offer with the most zeros behind it.

Joy enters the Grey House library and a book falls to the floor. Joy flips through the pages and finds it is a diary. She hides it away as Abigail enters and asks about her job interview. Abigail joins Cassie in the kitchen and wonders if Grey House’s new guest, Joy, is playing with them. Cassie thinks Abigail is playing with Joy. Abigail wonders if Joy is ever going to open up to them. Cassie says, “When she is ready,” she will.

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Martha seeks Joy’s help as Dotty Davenport is dangling dollars in front of Vandercleef. If Joy wants the remodeling job, she needs to help convince Vandercleef this is indeed Martha’s home. Joy suggests infusing Martha’s energy with the spirit of the house and see what inspiration the house offers.

Stephanie finds Lisa at the food truck, alone, with no customers. It is clear they need to reassess immediately, or they may not have a business left.

Nick needs help from Sam in finding the perfect 3-month anniversary gift for Stella. He wonders what Sam did for Cassie. Sam said he is still working on it. Nick shares how he and Stella met playing Pictionary, a moment he definitely will not forget. Nick’s story inspires Sam.

Donovan and Abigail meet up at Roderick Davenport’s historic house to search for the book collection. Looking at the grandiose home, Abigail notes Davenports don’t do anything small. Not when we’re doing it for you Merriwicks Donovan says. He hopes the quick quip earned him a kiss, but Abigail finds it weird that she has no desire to kiss him. She thinks it’s the house and rumor has it the curse was born here. As they find the library, they also find footprints leading to a gap where a Charles Dickens book is missing. They place the overdue library book in its place. A trap door unlocks, revealing... Martha and Joy?!

Martha is relieved to have been found, but saddened as the deadline to get her letter to Vandercleef has passed. Just then, Dotty strolls in with Mr. Vandercleef and assures Martha her letter would have been irrelevant. Mr. Vandercleef, however, is taken with a Stradivarius violin he has found atop a bookcase. Joy credits Martha with the find. Mr. Vandercleef awards the house to Martha as a thank you for finding the rare violin.

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Cassie finds Lisa at the book shop looking for her sanity, or at least the cure for a headache. Cassie recommends a crème brûlée that Lisa reviewed. She tells Lisa her writing leaps off the page. Lisa admits her writing is on hold as she invested in the food truck. Cassie helps Lisa realize the cure to her headache may be writing.

Martha is happy to have won the bid for Roderick Davenport’s home. However, before leaving Donovan finds a letter Roderick wrote to Patience after she broke off their engagement. Abigail reads Roderick’s words as a warning: “If true love completely breaks the heart, the curse is sealed and shan't depart.” Joy wonders what curse they are all talking about. Suddenly, Martha remembers something that makes the message clear.

Cassie and Sam arrive at the Lake House. Sam tries a new combination on the lock, but it does not seem to work, just like the night they met. Cassie asks him to try it again, as the 13th time is the charm. He does and it works, making a perfect start to their anniversary night.

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Adam and Stephanie finish up a cup of coffee as Lisa enters. Lisa admits to Stephanie she was right about how to handle the business. Stephanie appreciates Lisa saying that in person and also in her newest blog post which covers her food truck experience. Lisa asks Stephanie to buy her out and she feels she should stick to writing.

Highlights - Hearts Will Break - Good Witch

Martha opens the safe at her office to show Abigail and Donovan the music box. She recites Roderick’s letter as the music box plays and when the music stops the box opens revealing the heart of Middleton. Abigail looks at the ruby and finds it cracked. Martha starts to say, “If that ruby cracks all the way,” but Abigail finishes, “then the curse is here to stay.”

Joy listens to her conversation with Cassie and she reviews the journal entries. Meanwhile, Cassie and Sam enjoy wine and wedding cake. Cassie asks what drove Sam to come to Middleton. He takes a page from Cassie and just says it was meant to be. After enjoying some more cake Sam surprises Cassie with paper lanterns for their paper anniversary.