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Starting Over... Again

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Inside Grey House, a lone figure appears in front of the portrait of the Grey Lady and lights a lantern to illuminate the night. Next door, a man and his son are trying to get a key out of a lockbox with very little luck. Cassie Nightingale appears out of the darkness, lantern in hand, to meet them. The new neighbors say hello, and introduce themselves as Sam Radford and his son Nick. Cassie urges Sam to try the lock again, and when he does it opens! Looks like Cassie still has that “magic” touch.

The next day, while George and Cassie are having breakfast in Grey House, George comments on Lori’s article in a magazine and mentions how proud he is of his grandchildren. Cassie confirms that Lori will be returning home to Middleton for Jake’s memorial ceremony. Upstairs, Cassie’s daughter Grace isn’t having much luck with her wardrobe choices on her first day of high school, but George assures her she’ll be a beauty. She does not agree.

Meanwhile next door, Sam meets with his realtor, Ryan, at the house. Cassie soon stops by with some of her own herbal tea for them both. Cassie notes that Sam is a doctor, judging by his personalized license plate. The two bicker over the benefits and risks of caffeine, and he is surprised to hear that Cassie dabbles in reading medical journals.

At the courthouse, Mayor Martha Tinsdale and new Police Chief Derek Sanders discuss Jake’s dedication service. Derek reassures her that everything has been taken care of and that it will go smoothly.

Brandon and Tara are at the café and discuss her upcoming class load. Tara tells Brandon he really must tell Cassie about his big decision. Their marriage is a little rocky, and for now, two say goodbye to take some time apart.

Cassie’s daughter Grace and her pal Anthony are walking outside of school and talk about the new kid Nick—her new neighbor, and Sam’s son. Anthony predicts that by the end of the year Nick will be captain of the football team and that all the girls will be in love with him. As Grace walks into school, she mutters, “Not this girl.”

Cassie catches up with Sam, this time at his new doctor’s office, just down the block from her store Bell, Book and Candle.  Cassie recommends a local handyman to help Sam with the front door, which will not close easily. When a bird unexpected flies into the office, Sam is stunned when Cassie lures the bird closer to perch on her arm. She gently points the bird toward the open door and away he flies. Sam agrees to call the handyman and take Cassie’s advice. Later, Ryan stops by Sam’s office and Ryan lets him know that Cassie has been treating most of Middleton’s patients with her own blend of advice and attention. 

Stephanie stops by the Bell, Book and Candle and gushes about their new local Dr. McDreamy. She’s ready to book an appointment with him to cure her own loneliness! Stephanie asks if Cassie is lonely as well since losing Jake.  Cassie says it would be hard to recreate what she shared with Jake twice in one lifetime.  Brandon stops by for a visit as well but walks out in a hurry before sharing his news.

Mayor Martha meets Dr. Sam for the first time in the local cafe. He complains about the state of the office he has rented—she swore it was state of the art--and Martha assures him that she is sure he will recoup his costs for upgrades being the only doctor in Middleton. When Martha tells him that she has selected him to be the speaker for the upcoming ladies auxiliary meeting, Sam turns her down and states he will be fixing up the office space instead!

Grace pays a visit next door to officially meet the new neighbors. Nick complains that Middleton is too slow for him and that he wants to get back to New York City. Grace is not impressed.

That same day, Cassie senses that something is wrong with George and finds him in the garage bent over in pain. Sam appears as well and checks George out. Cassie talks about the herbs she has been giving George, and Sam is concerned that George has stopped taking a previously prescribed medication without consulting with a doctor. George turns down Sam’s offer of a free visit and checkup. Cassie tells Sam that the trust between a caregiver and patient is the most important thing.

Grace and Cassie sit down together. Grace talks about having premonitions about the family, and how surprised she is to suddenly be having them about Nick. Cassie urges Grace not to worry and let things play out. Grace wants to know why she can see so much before it happens, but why she did not see what would happen to her dad.  Cassie comforts Grace and tells her that her gift is not a power and that she can’t summon or wield it; sometimes it is there and sometimes it is not.

Brandon checks in with Derek about the dedication for his father. Derek asks Brandon if he has let his family members know yet about his news. He still hasn’t, and Derek urges him to come clean.

Martha demands Sam’s credit scores from Ryan, who turns down her request.  She has a bad feeling about the new doctor but Cassie reassures her that he is a good man who deserves a chance. Martha refuses to back down from her opinion.  Not long after, Martha digs up information online about Sam and shows Cassie. Cassie is quick to point out all the good reviews and notes that he is on several hospital boards and has published a textbook-–he is a good doctor.

Nick gets in trouble when he skips the first few periods of the school day. Sam reminds him the reason they had to leave New York was because of the arrogant troublemakers he was hanging out with. Sam reminds Nick that he has full custody, and that he can’t go live with his mom.

When Lori returns to Grey House, her brother Brandon appears at the top of the staircase in full police uniform to announce that he has a new job. A grieving Lori is overcome with worry and disappointment. The family is in disbelief that this is what Brandon wants after what happened to Jake.  Cassie and Ryan meet for tea and Cassie shares Brandon’s news. She is scared for him but Ryan reassures her that Brandon needs to make his own decisions about his life. Cassie is grateful for Ryan’s friendship.

Grace and Nick meet up outside of school and start a new friendship. Nick tells Grace that he should have listened to her about not skipping periods, since he got in trouble with both the vice-principal and his dad. Nick asks Grace about what happened to her dad, and she lets him know that he passed away.

Lori tells Grace she is upset that Brandon won’t take her calls or texts. Grace urges her to reconsider and support Brandon in doing what he really feels is the right thing for himself.  Lori shows up at the police station to see Brandon since he won’t take her calls. Lori continues to try to dissuade Brandon from working as a police officer. When he won’t relent, she storms off.

Sam stops by Grey House and confronts Cassie about her being his competition in Middleton. He tells her that he thinks what she is doing is dangerous. Cassie explains that she has never told anyone not to see a doctor, just that she believes in alternatives and in treating the whole person. Sam walks out, angered by her attitude.

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