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Somewhat Surprising

Liam, Cassie and Sam are enjoying breakfast at the Bistro when Sam cuts out early to head back to work. Liam and Cassie grab a couple of minutes of chat, where he reveals that this is the week of the anniversary of his divorce. On the other hand, it’s also the anniversary of Sam moving to Middleton.

Later that evening Grace is hosting a study group at Grey House and Abigail observes one of her classmates, Gavin, flirting with her. When the group leaves, Abigail points out his attention, but Grace is aloof. Grace fills Abigail in on thinking Noah had a crush on her, but now he seems distant. Abigail suggests Grace create situations where she can spontaneously run into him.

The next morning Cassie, Abigail and Grace are helping George clean out closets. They take a walk down memory lane, finding clothes they haven’t worn in years. Abigail comes across a coat from her late father and decides to keep it for herself. Grace finds a hat of George’s with the letter “G” on it and decides to keep it for bad hair days.

Cassie is on a mission to help celebrate Sam’s anniversary of moving to Middleton and wants to find him a piece of memorabilia of the dream car he owned when he was a teenager: a 1967 Camaro. Martha overhears Cassie asking Officer Sanders’ help in finding the Camaro and insists on throwing Sam a huge surprise party to celebrate the anniversary.

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