Somewhat Surprising

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Highlights - Sam’s Surprise Anniversary Party - Good Witch

Liam, Cassie and Sam are enjoying breakfast at the Bistro when Sam cuts out early to head back to work. Liam and Cassie grab a couple of minutes of chat, where he reveals that this is the week of the anniversary of his divorce. On the other hand, it’s also the anniversary of Sam moving to Middleton.

Later that evening Grace is hosting a study group at Grey House and Abigail observes one of her classmates, Gavin, flirting with her. When the group leaves, Abigail points out his attention, but Grace is aloof. Grace fills Abigail in on thinking Noah had a crush on her, but now he seems distant. Abigail suggests Grace create situations where she can spontaneously run into him.

The next morning Cassie, Abigail and Grace are helping George clean out closets. They take a walk down memory lane, finding clothes they haven’t worn in years. Abigail comes across a coat from her late father and decides to keep it for herself. Grace finds a hat of George’s with the letter “G” on it and decides to keep it for bad hair days.

Cassie is on a mission to help celebrate Sam’s anniversary of moving to Middleton and wants to find him a piece of memorabilia of the dream car he owned when he was a teenager: a 1967 Camaro. Martha overhears Cassie asking Officer Sanders’ help in finding the Camaro and insists on throwing Sam a huge surprise party to celebrate the anniversary.

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Grace finds out that the original “Superman” is Noah’s favorite movie and arranges for Ben to play it at the Middleton Theater. At show time, Grace finds Noah sitting alone about to enjoy the movie. She joins him, only to have Nick appear as well. The two guys begin to bicker, and Noah leaves to sit somewhere else.

Sam begins to notice everybody around him acting strangely. He heads back to the office and while he is talking to Eve, he realizes that his friends, including Cassie, must be throwing him a surprise party. Eve makes Sam promise he will act surprised when the party actually happens.

Grace fills Abigail in on how her night at the theater went with Noah. Grace tells how Nick crashed their night and Abigail assures Grace she’s sure she will have more opportunities to be alone with Noah. Cassie comes downstairs and asks if Grace can put together a playlist of all of Sam’s favorite songs for his party and she obliges. Abigail jokes about the growing party size, especially with Martha in charge.

While at school, Noah finds Grace getting frustrated at her laptop. She tells him she was making Sam’s party playlist and lost the file. Noah offers to help and once again, Nick shows up and grabs a seat. Irritated, Noah takes off after recovering the files.

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Back at the clinic, Eve lets Sam know his lunch with Liam was canceled and just then, Martha walks in, inviting Sam to City Hall for some “very important business.” Sam accepts the invite and when she leaves he tells Eve that he knows Martha’s invite was really to his surprise party.

That afternoon, Sam walks into Martha’s office and shouts “Surprise!” only to be shocked that Martha really did invite him to City Hall to discuss serious business with other colleagues. An embarrassed Sam grabs a seat.

The next morning Cassie finds out that Officer Sanders found the Camaro she was looking for and it is only about an hour North of Middleton. Grace walks in the shop and updates Cassie that the playlist is all done. She also voices her frustrations with trying to get some alone time with Noah and how Nick always joins in and starts an argument. Cassie believes the two guys can find a way of being friends again; maybe it is Grace’s job to bring them together.

Back at the office, Sam is met with a mystery man looking for Abigail. When Sam tells the man he can’t give out her personal address, he informs Sam that he has something of Abigail’s he was supposed to deliver 20 years ago.

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Later on that day, Grace finds Noah at the batting cage and Nick joins, them, too. She encourages the two to hit some balls together and immediately they start arguing. But they eventually agree to swing some bats, leaving Grace delighted.

Highlights - Friendship after Betrayal - Good Witch

The next morning Abigail is opening up her shop when she gets a surprise visitor; it’s the same man who was in Sam’s office the day before. He tells her he is part of the US Mail Recovery Center and he had a package for her that has been trying to be delivered for 20 years. She takes the box and reads that it is from her late father. Inside the box is a snow globe from London. This whole time Abigail thought her father wasn’t thinking about her when he took his business trips overseas, but this proves that he really was. Once outside, the man receives a phone call inquiring if Abigail got the present. He tells the unknown voice on the other end she did, and that she seemed very surprised and happy.

Back at the coffee shop, Grace is happy to see Noah and Nick getting along splendidly. Noah tells Grace that he is happy the two were brought together at the batting cage. Noah realizes that he and Nick left on such bad terms in New York that it is nice to work on their friendship. Noah takes advantage of having a moment alone with Grace while Nick grabs his coffee, and he asks her out. With a smile on her face, Grace says yes.

Martha catches Cassie as she is closing up shop and fills her in on the latest for Sam’s surprise party. Cassie just wants Sam to feel loved, which is why she is on her way North to pick up Sam’s present.

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Later that evening, Sam finds George outside Grey House, and George instructs him that Cassie is waiting in the backyard for Sam. Sam heads in that direction and shouts “Surprise!” only to find just Cassie waiting for him. Sam tells Cassie he was so sure there was going to be a surprise party for him. Cassie says his hunch was right, but she also knows he hates surprise parties and thought he would prefer a night of just the two of them. Cassie presents him with birthday present: a classic wood steering wheel from his teenage car, the Camaro. He is floored when he opens it and can’t believe Cassie went through all that work to find it in a scrapyard. As they walk inside, he tells Cassie that maybe he wouldn’t have minded a party, but it’s fine that their night is just the two of them, too. When he walks inside the kitchen, he is truly shocked that his closest friends are in the kitchen with a cake, shouting, “Surprise!”

Highlights - Sam’s Surprise Anniversary Party - Good Witch