Second Time Around

Across from the bistro, in an empty store front the next afternoon, Stephanie, along with Abigail, shows her potential investor the space she wants for her expansion. As she lays out her plan, her investor Dale is excited and is ready to move forward. As they talk, Stephanie’s phone rings. While she takes the call, Abigail and Dale talk over Stephanie’s plans. At the end of the call, Stephanie says she needs to head to the bistro immediately. She and Dale agree to meet later to further discuss the expansion plan and Stephanie heads off, leaving Abigail and Dale talking. When Stephanie leaves, Dale turns to Abigail and asks her thoughts on the expansion. She says she has a few thoughts, piquing Dale’s interest. Abigail then asks if he’d like to hear her ideas over wine or dinner. Intrigued, Dale suggests they start with wine.

Later in the evening, Stephanie and Ben are surrounded by the forest at their romantic camping spot. The trip had a few missteps when Stephanie dropped her bag in the lake, plus her terrified response to a raccoon that she swore was a bear. Ben tries to put the best face on the situation, promising that her clothes will dry by morning and that anyone could mistake a raccoon for a bear. Stephanie is still not in the mood and suggests the pack it up and go home. Ben is disappointed and asks for one thing before they leave. He grabs her and passionately kisses her, saying he’s wanted to that since her first saw her. He then turns to break down the campsite and head home when a now gleeful Stephanie suggests that maybe they could stay. She may not be thrilled about camping, but she is more than happy with Ben’s company.

Back in Middleton, Sam and Linda sit in the bleachers to watch Nick’s first basketball game. Despite their differences, Sam and Linda both agree that Nick is finally starting to come into his own. As they watch the game, Sam keeps a watchful eye on the door, hoping that Cassie will show up at the game. Linda is very aware that Sam is looking for Cassie and her jealousy and anger begins to boil over. Sam is having none of it and tells her that Cassie is not the problem, and that Linda can no longer try to control him. Linda agrees that Cassie won’t be a problem, especially after she’s told her to back off. This is the first that Sam’s heard of Linda’s meddling and he is instantly infuriated. Just as he gets up to storm out of the gym, Linda tells Sam that Nick wants the three of them to go out to dinner together. As Nick waves to his parents from the court, Linda asks Sam, “What would you like me to tell him?” Faced with his son’s feelings, Sam angrily retakes his seat.